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Catalogue of Books Belonging to the Dialectic Society, Chapel-Hill, February, 1821:
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University of North Carolina (1763-1962). Dialectic Society

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(title page) Catalogue of Books Belonging to the Dialectic Society, Chapel-Hill, February, 1821.
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Chapel-Hill, February, 1821.


Page 3

Chapel-Hill, February, 1821.


TITLES Vols Purchased, or by whom presented.
Adams' Modern History 1 Wm. J. B. Cowan
Adams' Rome 2 Purchased
Adams' History of New-England 1 Dr. Elias Hawes
Ancient History 2 John D. Jones
Anderson's Origin of Commerce 4 Purchased
Anquetil's Universal History 9 Junior class of 1815
American War 1 Wm. K. Mebane
Ancient Europe 2 Purchased
Baker's Livy 6 Purchased
Beauties of History 1 Purchased
Beloes Herodotus 4 Purchased
Belsham's reign of George III. 4 Purchased
Bigland's View of the World 5 Abraham S. Maer
Bigland's History of Spain 2 Purchased
Bossuet's Universal History 2 William Campbell
Brissot on Commerce 1 Richard Henderson
Brown's Roman History 1 William Campbell
Bisset's Continuation of the History of England 4 Hamilton C. Jones and John Q Macneil
Buffon's Natural History 20 Sophomore class 1819 and 1820
Carr's Scotland 1 Elisha B. Thweatt
Civil War in Ireland 2 Purchased
Callender's Sketches 1 Green H. Campbell
Clark's Naval History 2 Thompson N. Johnson
Clery's Journal 1 Lewis Mimerell
Campbell's History of Virginia 1 Willie J. Croom

Page 4

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Clarendon's History of the Rebellion in England 12 Purchased
Coxe's Russia 1 Purchased
Clarke's Wars of Europe 3 Robert H. Booth, B. S. Croom, W. R. Haywood, G. W. Haywood, J. S. Kirby, W. D. Pickett, R. C. Rhodes, J. B. Slade
Dunlop's History of Fiction 3 Purchased
Edward's West Indies 3 Purchased
Ferguson's Roman Republic 5 Purchased
Flower's of Modern History 1 Purchased
Fox's Historical Work 1 Thos. G. Polk
French Revolution 1 A. H. Sneed
Gibbon's Rome 8 James K. Polk & James W. Jeffreys
Gifford's History of France 4 Purchased
Gillies' Greece 3 Purchased
Goldsmith's Rome 1 John D. Toomer
Goldsmith's Animated Nature 4 Purchased
Goldsmith's England 4 Purchased
Goldsmith's England 1 Wm. Stevenson
Hallam's State of Europe 2 Purchased
Hampton's Polybius 3 J. T. Lacy & S. J. Alves
Henry's Great Britain 12 Purchased
Historical review of N. America 2 Rich. W. Caswell
History of Louisiana 1 Wm. M. Green
History of Poland 1 Purchased
History of Quadrupeds 1 J. Sneed & T. Brown
History of Paraguay 2 Purchased
History of Virginia by Burke 4 James K. Leetch & C. Sturdivant
Historical Compend 1 Amos J. Wilkins
Historical Register 3 Purchased
History of Germany 1 J. K. Falconer
History of North Carolina 2 Purchased
History of New York 2 Purchased
Hume's History of England and Smollett's continuation 13 Purchased

Page 5

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Jefferson's Notes on Virginia 1 Nathaniel Hunt
Indian Wars 1 Hutchins B. Mitchell
Josephus 6 Willie J. Croom
Justin's Universal History 1 Wm. J. Cowan
Kennett's Antiquities 1 Spruce M. Osborn
Labaume's Campaign in Russia 1 Wm. H. Haywood
Mavor's Universal History 25 Purchased
Millot's General History 5 Matthew Troy
Military History 1 Purchased
Millot's Elements of History 2 Archibald Lytle
Mitford's Greece 8 Purchased
Modern Europe 6 Purchased
Moultrie's Revolution 2 James A. Harrington
Murphy's Tacitus 6 J. W. Bitting, C. D. Donoho & J. K. Lee
Natural History 1 Thomas F. Davis
Naylor's Helvetia 2 Thomas G. Polk
Naval Temple 1 W. D. Mosely & E. J. Morrison
O'Connor's American War 1 Martin R. Garrett
Picture of New York 1 Junius Sneed
Plowden's Ireland 5 Purchased
Ramsay's United States 3 Purchased
Raynal's North America 2 James Whitaker
Robertson's Charles V. 3 Junior Class, 1819 and 1820
Robertson's America 4 J. M. Morehead and W. Glascock
Robertson's India 1 Col. Chas. M'Clung
Robertson's Scotland 2 Purchased
Rollin's Ancient History 10 Junior Class 1817
Roman History 1 William Stevenson
Roman Antiquities 1 Wm. A. Boon
Russell's Ancient Europe 2 Purchased
Saaby's Greenland 1 Purchased
Schiller's Thirty Years War 2 Wm. H. G. Hunter
Sketches of Russia 1 Purchased
Sketches of Java 1 Wm. M. Green
Smith's Thucydides 2 Purchased
Snowden's America 1 Martin R. Garrett

Page 6

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Spanish America 1 Purchased
Voltaire's Universal History 4 Purchased
Voltaire's Charles XII. 1 Purchased
Warren's American Revolution 3 Bryan S. Croom
Williams' France 1 Jas. K. Polk
Wilson's Egypt 1 Jesse Harper
Winterbotham's America 4 Thomas Brown


[TITLES.] [Vols] [Purchased, or by whom presented.]
Adams' Narrative 1 Purchased
Ali Bey's Travels 2 William M. Green
Amherst's Embassy 1 Freshman's class, 1817
Anacharsis's Travels 4 David M. Nesbit
Boswell's Tour 1 George W. Jeffreys
Belgian Traveller 1 Richard Henderson
Bruce's Travels 7 Purchased
Carver's Travels 1 Samuel T. Hauser
Chateaubriand's Travels. 1 John Haywood, Treas.
Clarke's Travels 1 John Haywood, Treas.
Cyrus's Travels 1 Lewis Mimerell
Denon's Travels 2 Purchased
Eustace's Travels 2 J. M. Morehead, and W. H. Glascock
Gas's Journal 1 Duponso D. Jones
Johnson's Tour 1 Richard Armistead
Kendall's Travels 3 William Johnson
Mahomet's Travels 2 John R. Donnell
Mavor's Voyages 25 Purchased
Michaux's Travels 1 Purchased
Miranda's Expedition 1 Hardy B. Croom
Parke's Travels 1 A. M. Barton
Pike's Expedition 1 John W. Dick
Porter's Travels 1 William M. Green
Riley's Narrative 1 William D. Pickett
Silliman's Travels 2 John H. Hinton
Staunton's Embassy 1 William E. Webb
Tour through the Canadas 1 C. G. Rose
Warville's Travels 1 J. B. Cowan

Page 7


TITLES. Vols Purchased, or by whom presented.
Aikin's Selden 1 Purchased
American Nepos 1 Purchased
Baron Trenck 1 Willie J Croom
Biographical Dictionary 1 Bryan S. Croom
Biographical Magazine 8 Purchased
Bisset's Life of Burke 2 Purchased
Boswell's Life of Johnson 3 Maxwell Chambers
British Nepos 1 Joseph B. Walters
British Plutarch 8 Purchased
Burney's Matastasio 3 Purchased
Cardinal de Retz 3 Freshman class 1817
Catharine Second 1 Thomas G. Amis
Charnock's Life of Nelson 1 Elisha B. Thweatt
Cooke's Life 2 William M. Green
Cox's Life of Walpole 4 Purchased
Criminal Recorder 4 John M. Roulhac
Cumberland's Memoirs 1 Col. W. Polk
Darwin's Memoirs 1 James K. Polk
Delaplaine's Repository 1 Purchased
Dobson's Petrarch 2 William W. Jones
Female Review 1 William M. Green
Founders of the French Republic 2 A. M. Burton
Gallery of Portraits 2 Purchased
Heath's Memoirs 1 Col. W. Polk
Howard's Life 1 Thomas G. Amis
Langhorn's Plutarch 6 Purchased
Lawrence's Biography 1 John W. Dick
Lemprier's Universal Biography 2 Purchased
Leo the Tenth 4 Francis B. Charlton
Life of Beattie 1 Alvin Smith
Life of Bonaparte 1 Maj. A. Staples
Life of Mrs. Carter 1 Lucius J. Polk
Life of Chatham 3 Purchased
Life of Mæcenas 1 John Williams
Life of Cowper 3 Joseph B. Outlaw
Life of Eaton 1 Nash Le Grand
Life of Jackson 1 James K. Polk

Page 8

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Life of Wellington 1 J. Haywood, Treasurer
Life of Pitt 1 Thomas G. Amis
Life of John Newton 1 Benjamin F. Hawkins
Marshall's Life of Washington 5 Purchased
Mavor's Plutarch 1 John Hill
Memoirs of Fox 1 W. H. Haywood
Memoirs of Alfieri 2 Purchased
Memoirs of Hutchinson 2 Purchased
Memoirs of Foote 2 Wm. J. Alexander
Memoirs of Louis XIV 2 Purchased
Memoirs of Sully 6 Purchased
Memoirs of Lady Hamilton 1 A. M. Slade
Memoirs of Wilhelmina 2 Purchased
M'Rie's Knox 1 Robt. H. Morrison
Public Characters 1802 and 3 1 Purchased
Public Characters 1 Rich. W. Johnson
Ramsay's Life of Washington 1 Nash Le Grand
Roscoe's Lorenzo 3 Purchased
Secret Memoirs 1 Purchased
Weem's Life of Washington 1 O. Holmes and W. Mosely.
Wirt's Life of Patrick Henry 1 George Tucker


[TITLES.] [Vols] [Purchased, or by whom presented.]
Adam's Administration 1 A. M. Slade
Adam's Defence 3 James Martin
Answer to the Olive Branch 1 Elam J. Morrison
Burlemaqui 1 Duncan Cameron
Cobbett's Works 2 Purchased
Colquhoun's police of London 1 W. D. Mosely and E. J. Morrison
Court and Cabinet of St. Cloud 1 John B. Brown
Curtius's Letters 1 John W. Dick
Debates on the Judiciary 1 James Smith
Debates on the Seminole War 1 James G. Hall
Dickinson's Writings 2 Jas. A. Harrington
Goquet's Origin of Laws 3 Purchased
Hamilton's Works 3 Wm. M. Green

Page 9

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Haywood's Reports 1 Wm. Hawkins
Haywood's Manual 1 Wm. Boylan
Hoffman's course of Legal Study 1 Purchased
North Carolina Debates 1 Purchased
Olive Branch 1 Purchased
Political Curiosities 1 Wm. Campbell
Political Dictionary 1 Wm. Campbell
Political Justice 2 Rich'd Henderson
Political Progress of G. Britain 1 Wm. M. Green
Price on Liberty 1 Henry Chambers
Sydney on Government 2 Maxwell Chambers
Spirit of Laws 2 Purchased
Smith's Constitutions 1 Purchased
Spirit of Despotism 1 Hugh D. Waddell
Study of the Law 1 Jos. Wilkinson
Utopia 1 Wm. E. Webb
Vattel's Law of Nations 1 Purchased
Works of Fisher Ames 1 Purchased


[TITLES.] [Vols] [Purchased, or by whom presented.]
Adams's Globes 1 Purchased
Aikin's Geography 1 Saml. J. Alston
Davie's Geography 1 Purchased
Exercise on the Globes 1 Wm. Pegues
Guthrie's Grammar 2 John B. Brown
Morse's Universal Geography 2 John J. Alston
Universal Geography, by Heron 4 Messrs. Roulhac, Jones, Phifer and Stokes


[TITLES.] [Vols] [Purchased, or by whom presented.]
Adams's Lectures 2 J. M. Morehead, and W. H. Glascock
Allison on Taste 1 Purchased
Beccaria on Crimes 1 John A. Cameron
Beccaria on Commerce and Economy 1 Wm. M. Sneed

Page 10

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Belsham's Lectures on Natural Philosophy. 1 George W. Jeffreys
Belsham's Lectures on the Mind 1 Purchased
Blair's Lectures 2 Paschal P. Ashe
Brown on Equality 1 Purchased
British Classicks 39 Purchased
Dissertation on Slavery 1 Purchased
Drake's Essays 5 Purchased
Ferguson on Civil Society 1 Purchased
Foster's Essays 1 J. Haywood, treasurer
Genius of Shakespeare 1 Hardy B. Croom
Hume's Essays 2 Freshman class, 1817
Looker-on 2 Wm. M. Sneed
Knox's Essays 2 Purchased
Mather's Essays 1 George W. Jeffreys
Nott's Addresses 1 Wm. M. Green
Popular Essays 2 Peter Picot and S. D. Williams
Priestly's Lectures on History 2 Wm. E. Webb
Priestly's Lectures on Oratory 1 Wm. E. Webb
Ogilvie's Essays 1 E. S. Greening
Reid's Essays 2 Purchased
Rumford's Essays 3 Jos. and Jno. Roulhac
Rush's Essays 1 Augustus Chambers
Rush's Lectures 1 John M. Patrick
Schlegel's Lectures 2 Purchased
Smith's Lectures 2 Arch. Haralson
Smith's Moral Sentiments 1 Wm. H. Jordan
Stewart on the Mind 2 Purchased
Volney's Lectures 1 Solomon B. Williams
Warton's Essay on Pope's Writing and Geniu 2 Purchased
Webster s Dissertation 1 Wm. E. Webb


[TITLES.] [Vols] [Purchased, or by whom presented.]
American Letters 2 Purchased
Austin's Letters 1 Purchased
Bigland's Letters 1 Purchased

Page 11

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
British Spy 1 Willie J. Croom
Chapone's Letters 1 Saml. D. Williams
Chesterfield's Letters 3 Geo. W. Jeffreys
Cobbett's Letters 1 Wm. H. Glascock
Correspondence of Wakefield and Fox 1 Purchased
Farmer's Letters 1 Thomas G. Amis
Fitz Osborn's Letters 1 Bryan S. Croom
Lady Montague's Works 5 Freshman class, 1815
Lyttleton's Letters 1 Purchased
Melmoth's Cicero 3 Purchased
Military Mentor 2 Thos. H. Wright
Newton's Letters 1 Benj. F. Hawkins
Pliny's Letters 2 P. P. Ashe
West's Letters 1 Jas. A. Harrington
Woodfall's Junius 2 Purchased
Warden's Letters 1 Thompson N. Johnston
Williams's France 3 M. J. De Rosset
Yankee in London 1 John W. Glenn


[TITLES.] [Vols] [Purchased, or by whom presented.]
Addison's Evidences 1 Wm. H. Haywood
Alleine's Two Mites 1 Purchased
Beauties of Christianity 1 Wm. M. Green
Blair's Sermons 3 Purchased
Butler's Analogy 1 John A. Cameron
Butler's Sermons 2 John A. Cameron
Campbell on Miracles 2 J. Graves and C. Manly
Cecil's Works 3 Purchased
Chalmer's Discourses 1 Freshman class, 1819
Christian Researches in Asia 1 Nat. H. Harris
Confession of Faith 1 Simon P. Jordan
Dictionary of all Religions 1 Jas. G. Hall
Dodd's Sermons 3 John Cameron, sen.
Edwards on the Will 1 Junius A. Moore
Flavel's Spiritual Husbandry 1 Purchased
Fletcher's Checks 6 Nat. H. Harris
Gospel its own Witness 1 Jas. W. M'Clung

Page 12

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Guide to Christ 1 James Morrison
Hall's Sermons 1 Purchased
Hervey's Meditations 1 Jos. B. Outlaw
Hervey's Works 6 W. D. Mosely and O. Holmes
Hervey's Dialogues 2 Wm. D. Pickett
Horne on the Psalms 1 Purchased
John Newton's Works 11 Wm. M. Green
Lowth's Isaiah 2 Col. T. Hill
M'Whorter's Sermons 2 Purchased
Massillon's Sermons 2 A. S. Maer
Michaelis's Commentaries 4 Purchased
Milner's Church History 5 A. Elliott
Mourner Comforted 1 P. H. May
Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History 6 Purchased
Mahew's Sermons 2 John Cameron, sen.
Owen's History of Bible Society 1 Wm. M. Green
Reign of Grace 1 Jas. Morrison
Scott's Family Bible 5 Purchased
Scott's Theological Works 5 Purchased
Solitude Sweetened 1 Alex. Elliott
Sturm's Reflections 3 Purchased
Velvet Cushion and Covering 3 Wm. M. Green
Young's Centaur 1 Jas. A. Craig
Watson to Paine 1 Jas. A. Craig
Witherspoon's Works 4 Purchased
Works of Lorenzo Dow 1 Thos. B. Haywood


[TITLES.] [Vols] [Purchased, or by whom presented.]
Airs of Palestine 1 A. M. Slade
Anacreon 2 W. H. G. Hunter
Battle of Niagara 1 Jas. G. Hall
Beauties of Milton, Thompson, and Young 1 Nat. Hunt
Beauties of Ramsay 1 W. R. Haywood
Beauties of Shakespeare 1 John Q. Macneil
Bell's Poets 54 Purchased
Boyd's Dante 3 Purchased

Page 13

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Brown's Poems 1 Jas. Sneed
Byron's Poems 2 Lawson H. Alexander
Cabinet of Momus 1 Geo. Whitfield
Calliope 1 Isaac Croom
Campbell's Poetical Works 1 Geo. W. Jeffreys
Charlemagne 2 A. M. Slade
Collin's Works 1 Thomas G. Amis
Cowper's Homer 4 O. Holmes & W. Haywood
Cowper's Poems 3 Miss Lucy Hawkins
Don Juan 1 Bryan S. Croom
Dryden's Virgil 1 Bryan S. Croom
Elegant Extracts 1 Purchased
Emerald Isle 1 Willie J. Croom
Evan's Poems 1 Richard W. Johnson
Fessenden's Poems 1 Richard Armistead and W. Hill
Ferguson's Poems 1 Thomas H. Wright
Francis's Horace 4 Andrew Rhea
Homer's Odyssey 2 Purchased
Homer's Iliad 3 Purchased
Hudibras 1 Hardy L. Holmes
Jerusalem Delivered 2 Purchased
Lady of the Lake 1 Lawson H. Alexander
Low's Poems 2 Junius Sneed
Leonidas 1 Miss Melinda Rose
Macneil's Poems 1 Thomas H. Wright
Mickle's Lusiad 2 Purchased
Milton's Works 7 Purchased
Minstrel 1 Miss Melinda Rose
Minstrel and Shipwreck 1 James W. Jeffreys
Milford's Narrative Poems 1 Samuel G. Hopkins
Montgomery's Poems 1 John K. Lea
Moore's Poems 1 Bryan S. Croom
Moore's Works 1 John Q. Macneil
Oberon 2 Thomas J. Green
Ossian's Poems 2 Matthew Troy
Ossian's Poems (new edition) 2 Hudson M. Cave
Ovid's Works 2 W. H. G. Hunter

Page 14

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Ovid's Art of Love 1 W. H. G. Hunter
Petrarch's Sonnets 1 Willie J. Croom
Peter Pindar's Works 4 W. H. G. Hunter
Pope's Homer 1 Samuel Kirby
Pursuits of Literature 1 Purchased
Scott's Works 6 James W. M'Clung
Shakespeare's Poems 1 Wm. J. Cowan
Sotheby's Georgics 1 Junius A. Moore
Select Poems 1 Charles G. Rose
Southey's Poems 1 Col. Charles M'Clung
Thomson's Poetical Works 3 Purchased
Trefusis's Poems 2 Purchased
Vision of Columbus 1 Martin R. Garrett
Young's Night Thoughts 1 John Ellis


[TITLES.] [Vols] [Purchased, or by whom presented.]
Beauties of Shakspeare 1 Wm. R. Holt
Foote's Works 3 Stokely D. Mitchell
Franklin's Sophocles 1 Purchased
German Theatre 6 James L. Wortham
Inchbald's Theatre 25 Purchased
Inchbald's Farces 7 Sophomore class, 1815
Ben. Johnson's Works 9 Purchased
King Charles 1 Thomas G. Amis
Potter's Aeschylus 1 Purchased
Potter's Euripides 2 Purchased
Shakespeare, with notes 17 L. H. Alexander, W. J. Alexander and Moses J. De Rosset


[TITLES.] [Vols] [Purchased, or by whom presented.]
Abbot 2 Alexander M. Boylan
Adventures of a Guinea 3 Purchased
Amadis de Gaul 4 Purchased
Ambrose and Eleanor 1 Wm. J. B. Cowan

Page 15

TITLESVolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Angelo 2 Wm. K. Hill
Arabian Nights 4 H. M'Aden and E. J. Morrison
Bellisarius 1 Wm. M. Green
Boyle's Voyages 1 Jesse Harper
Caleb Williams 2 Thomas H. Wright
Campbell, or the Scottish Probationer 2 George W. Haywood
Castle of Otranto 1 Nathan B. Whitfield
Charlotte Temple 1 Purchased
Child of 36 Fathers 2 Edward Ralson
Children of the Abbey 2 Purchased
Chinese Tales 1 Purchased
Constant Lovers 1 Wm. Campbell
Clara De Alba 1 Charles L. Hinton
Cottagers of Glenburnie 1 James B. Yellowly
Count Fathom 2 Purchased
Devil on two Sticks 1 John Q. Macneil
Don Quixote 4 Benjamin Douglas
Don Sebastian 2 Purchased
Edgeworth's Tales 2 Lawson H. Alexander
Elizabeth, or the Exiles 1 William D. Mosely
Evelina 2 Martin R. Garrett
Evenings at Home 2 Alexander Elliott
Eugenius 1 Richard W. Caswell
Family Sketches 1 Samuel G. Hopkins
Fashionable Involvements 2 Henry B. Hunter
Father as he should be 2 William H. Haywood
Female Foundling 1 Henry Y. Webb
Female Quixote 2 Purchased
Fille de Chambre 1 Tippoo S. Henderson
Fool of Quality 5 John Elliott
George Barnwell 3 J. Hill
Gil Blas 4 John Elliot
Glencairn 1 Wm. M. Green
G [illegible] asville Abbey 1 Lewis Toomer
Gulliver's Travels 1 Purchased
Guy Mannering 2 Alexander M. Boylan
Heroine 2 William M. Green
Hogg's Tales 2 George Whitfield

Page 16

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Hungarian Brothers 2 Purchased
Jane Talbot 1 William M. Green
Jonathan Wild 1 Benjamin B. Hunter
Joseph Andrews 2 Thomas H. Wright
Launcelot Greaves 1 Purchased
Lawyer 1 Purchased
Magdalen Churchyard 2 Bryan S. Croom
Maid of Moscow 1 William M. Green
Mandeville 2 James T. Morehead
Man of Feeling 1 William May
Maria, or the Hollanders 2 Alfred M. Slade
Marmontel and Gresset 1 John B. Brown
Mentorial Tales 1 John W. Glenn
Modern Chivalry 4 James H. Smith
Modern Philosophy 2 James Webb
Monk 2 Henry B. Hunter
Moral Tales 2 W. D. Mosely and E. J. Morrison
Mystery 2 George Whitfield
Opie's Tales 2 William Patrick
Palmerin of England 4 Purchased
Paul and Virginia 1 B. B. Hunter
Paired not Matched 2 William M. Green
Penitent of Godstow 1 A. M. Slade
Peregrine Pickle 4 Purchased
Pompey the Little 1 Purchased
Recluse of Norway 2 Mason L. Wiggins
Recess 2 Benjamin B. Hunter
Richardson's Works 19 Purchased
Rob Roy 2 James T. Morehead
Roderick Random 1 Bryan S. Croom
Romance of the Forest 1 George Whitfield
Rosa 1 William M. Green
Rosseau's Eloisa 3 Purchased
Rosseau's Emilius 4 Purchased
Salmagundi 2 Stephen K. Sneed
Scottish Chiefs 2 Lawson H. Alexander
Simple Story 1 William M. Green
Tales for Youth 1 William Campbell
Tales of my Landlord 2 A. M. Slade

Page 17

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Telemachus 2 Hugh D. Waddell
Theodosius and Constantia 1 Edmund B. Harvey
The Old Bachelor 1 Stokely D. Mitchell
The Sisters 1 Bryan S. Croom
Thinks I to Myself 1 Lawson H. Alexander
Three Spaniards 2 John C. Taylor
Tom Jones 4 A. M. Burton
Uncle Thomas 2 James F. Martin
Vathek 1 Robt. H. Morrison
Waverly 2 Purchased
Werter and Charlotte 1 Hardy B. Croom
Youth's Friend 1 Joseph B. Roulhac
Young Mother 1 A. M. Slade


[TITLES.] [Vols] [Purchased, or by whom presented.]
Addison's Works 6 Isaac & Hardy Croom
Al Koran 2 Purchased
American Speeches 2 J. Morehead and W. Glascock
American Review 3 George W. Jeffreys
American State Papers 10 Lewis & John Williams
American Speaker 1 James R. Croom
Allison on Taste 1 Purchased
Analectic Magazine 12 Purchased
Anecdotes 1 Wm. J. Alexander
Art of Speaking 1 Wm. Stevenson
Bacon's Works 10 Junior Class of 1819
Beattie's Works 10 Purchased
Beloe's Anecdotes 6 Purchased
Beauties of Goldsmith 1 Durant A. Hatch
Beauties of Burke 2 Purchased
Berkely's Works 2 Purchased
Bolingbroke's Works. 6 Abram. Maer
Bryant's Mythology 6 Purchased
Brown's Science of Life 1 Rich. W. Caswell
Brown on Equality 1 Purchased
Burke's Works 6 Purchased
Buffier's First Truths 1 Purchased

Page 18

TITLES.VolsPurchased or by whom presented.
Burr's Trial 2 Elisha Mitchell
Burton's Anatomy 2 Purchased
Catalogue of the U. S. Library 1 James W. Jeffreys
Characteristicks 3 Purchased
Chase's Trial 1 James Martin
Chesterfield's Advice to his Son 1 Benj. F. Haywood
Child of Pallas 1 John W. Alston
Chatterton's Works 3 Purchased
Columbian Library 2 Joseph Gales
Columbian Reader 1 John M. Morehead
Condorcet on the Mind 1 Purchased
Crabb's Synonymes 1 Purchased
Curiosities of Literature 3 Purchased
Curiosities of Literature 1 Richd W. Caswell
Curran's Speeches 1 Purchased
Dufief's Nature Displayed 2 Benj. B. Hunter
Davidson's Virgil 2 John D. Jones
Dictionary of Arts and Sciences 5 Henry & L. Lyne
Dictionary of French & English 2 Benj. W. Williams
Dickinson's Writings 2 James A. Harrington
Dialogues of the Dead 5 Purchased
Diversions of Purley 2 George Johnson
Drake's Literary Hours 3 Purchased
Dartmoor Prison 1 W. D. Mosely
Dryden's Works 18 Sophomore Class 1819 and 1820
Duncan's Logic 1 John D. Toomer
Duncan's Cæsar 2 Purchased
Encyclopœdia and Supplement 21 Purchased
Edinburgh Encyclopædia 2 W. M. Green & T. H. Wright
Edinburgh Review 33 Senior Class 1819 & 20
Elegant Extracts 1 Wm. H. Haywood
Elegant Extracts 12 Purchased
Elements of Knowledge 2 James H. Taylor
Enfield's Philosophy 2 Purchased
English Reader 1 Lewis Bush
Exercise on the Globes 1 Wm. Pegues
Ferguson's Astronomy 1 Nathaniel Hunt
Ferguson's Civil Society 1 Purchased

Page 19

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Fontanelle's Plurality of Worlds 1 Wm. Roulhac
Fordyce's Addresses 1 Ransom Hinton
Fordyce's Dialogues 2 Thomas D. Bennehan
Fenning on the Globes 1 John A. Cameron
Flowers of Wit 2 Purchased
Franklin's Works 6 Purchased
Fourcroy's Chemistry 3 John B. Lord
Gibbon's Miscillaneous Works 5 Purchased
Gibson's Surveying 1 Lawson H. Alexander
Gillie's Aristottle 2 Purchased
Guthrie's Cicero 3 Abner W. Clopton
Guthrie's Quintilian 2 Col. Wm. Polk
Halcyon Luminary 1 Isaac Croom
Hannah Moore's Works 8 James M. Hunt
Harper's Works 1 Alex. H. Boylan
Harris's Works 5 Purchased
Helvetius on Man 2 Purchased
Hutchinson's Philosophy 1 Purchased
Harris's Hermes 1 Purchased
Important Trials 1 Green H. Campbell
Irish Bulls 1 John Owen
Jameson's Hermes Scythicus 1 Purchased
Johnson's Works (Samuel) 12 Senior Class 1815
Kame's Sketches 4 Purchased
Kame's Criticism 2 Purchased
Kent's Lucian 1 Robert Campbell
Lavater on Physiognomy 1 S. B. Williams
Ladies' Preceptor 1  
Leland's Demosthenes 2 Purchased
Lettsome's Hints 3 Purchased
Locke's Works 10 Junior Class 1819 & 20
Longinus on the Sublime 1 Purchased
Looking Glass 1 Edmund Whelfield
Lowthe's Grammar 2 John Brown
Maria de Fleury 1 A. M. Slade
Mavor's New Speaker 1 John A. Cameron
Maxims of Rochefoucalt 1 Thomas G. Amis
Miller's Retrospect 2 Purchased
Monitor 1 Charles G. Rose
Moore's Strictures 1 Purchased

Page 20

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Murray's Grammar 1 Romulus M. Sanders
Nature and Art 14 Wm. J. Polk
Nature Displayed 2 Purchased
Nicholson's Encyclopædia 7 Purchased
Nicholson's Philosophy 2 Nathaniel Hunt
Nou's Addresses 1 Wm. M. Green
Paine's Works 2 Abraham S. Maer
Paley's Philosophy 1 George F. Graham
Philosophical Transactions 1 Gavin Alves
Philip's Speeches 1 John G. A. Williamson
Plato's Works, by Sydenham 3 Purchased
Port Folio 7 Purchased
Pratt's Gleanings 2 Purchased
Practical Education 2 Wm. D. Mosely & O. Holmes
President's Message 1 Col. W. Polk
Preceptor 1 John B. Brown
Quarle's Emblems 1 Thos. G. Amis
Quince's Medical Dictionary 1 Richard Henderson
Rambler's Magazine 1 James W. Jeffreys
Reflections on Suicide 1 Eldridge S. Greening
Rights of Women 1 Purchased
Rights of Man 1 Purchased
Rollin's Belles Lettres 3 Romulus M. Sanders
Roland's Appeal 1 Horace Satterwhite
Roman Antiquities 1 Wm. A. Boon
Ryan's Reliques of Genius 1 Purchased
Schrevelius's Lexicon 1 Leonard Stevenson
Scientific Dialogues 3 M. J. De Rossett
Selfridge's Trial 1 Wm. J. Cowan
Sheridan's Dictionary 2 Purchased
Sheridan on Elocution 1 Duncan Cameron
Sir Wm. Jones's Works 13 Purchased
Smith's Work's (Adam) 5 Freshman Class 1819 & 1820
Social Compact 1 John Brice
Sterne's Works 6 Junior Class 1817
Swift's Works 19 Purchased
Studies of Nature 2 Purchased
Temple's Works 4 Purchased

Page 21

TITLES.VolsPurchased, or by whom presented.
Thompson's Elements of Chemistry 1 Richard H. Alexander
Tooke's Pantheon 1 Thomas Brown
Turkish Spy 8 Purchased
Volney's Ruins 1 Purchased
Walker's Dictionary 1 Purchased
Watts on the Mind 1 Purchased
Washington's Monuments 1 Samuel G. Hopkins
Watts' Logic 1 John D. Toomer
Walker's Key 1 William C. Hooper
Webster's Grammar 1 Alfred M. Burton
Webster's Selections 1 Alfred M. Burton
Weekly Magazine 2 Solomon B. Williams
Wetherhall's Orations 1 Purchased
Wirt's Speeches 1 Purchased
Young's Works 2 Purchased
Zimmerman's Reflections 1 Henry Y. Webb
Zimmerman on National Pride 1 Lewis H. Toomer
Zimmerman on Solitude 1 Hardy L. Holmes




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