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The Digital Blue Ridge Parkway

Oral History Interview with Harvey Greene, June 20, 1996

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Abstract Harvey Greene came to work on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the mid-1930s. He had a variety of jobs, but started with rock masonry. He talks about specific tasks he was responsible for and details construction of certain landmarks. He also talks about some of the dangers the workers faced, including dealing with venomous snakes while clearing trees and the time he turned over a pickup truck carrying workers up a mountain. Working conditions are also discussed, including hours and wages. Greene talks about working with Italians on bridge construction and how they were renowned for their rock work.
Date June 20, 1996
Interviewee Greene, Harvey
Interviewee occupation Truck driver, rock mason
Interviewee DOB Unknown
Interviewer Gallant, Alicia
Subject Stone masonry
Bridge construction