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The Digital Blue Ridge Parkway

Timeline of Blue Ridge Parkway Construction

This interactive timeline graphically represents the process of the Parkway's construction. The timeline was constructed using data obtained from "Chronology of Construction of the Blue Ridge Parkway," which was provided to Dr. Anne Mitchell Whisnant in 2003 by Phil Noblitt at the National Park Service, Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville. Arranging the dates visually allows us to better understand the construction process. The decrease in construction activity because of World War II, for instance, is clearly visible on the timeline.

To learn more about an event, click on the event's text. To move forward and backward through time, click and hold to grab the timeline background and drag your mouse to the left or right. To move more quickly, click and hold to drag the dark brown band at the bottom of the timeline.

In order to view the timeline, please upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 or above. Alternatively, the timeline can be viewed in the Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers.