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Title Original islands at Tuggle Gap
Date September 22, 1937
Description Image shows a road under construction. A small traffic island splits the road into two lanes that intersect with another road that runs perpendicular. To the right of the split road there is a dirt hill, and to the left of the road there is another dirt slope from a road cut. Several automobiles and people stand at the intersection of the two roads, toward the right side of the image. Trees line the top edge of the slope toward the left of the image, and also appear in a more wooded area to the right of the photograph, with a mountain appearing the background. Image taken by R.F.E. on September 22, 1937. Image taken near station 3-R in section 1S, between mileposts 165-173 of the Blue Ridge Parkway, near Tuggle Gap in Floyd County, Va.
Location Location Name: Section 1S
Parkway Milepost: None
Creator Individual R.F.E.
Tags Automobiles
Floyd County (Va.)
Graded road
Intersections (roads)
Road construction
Slopes (road cuts)
View of road
Credit Courtesy National Park Service, Blue Ridge Parkway