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Title Road construction
Title Note 442-00 looking north at “Pioneer Road.”
Date August 24, 1936
Description Photograph shows automobile on unpaved and rocky part of road in section 2M of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Commentary Picture taken by A.C. Haygard. Picture taken from the North Carolina State Archives. Based on date, this road construction is part of the initial construction of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Construction on the Blue Ridge Parkway began in 1935 as a part of the Civilian Conservation Corp/Public Works Act, which was started by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Civilian Conservation Corp was part of the New Deal and was implemented to give young men jobs, as well as to conserve and promote nature and land. Pioneer roads were the method before the viaducts were added the parkway. Picture labeled "442-00 looking north at Pioneer Road."
Location Location Name: Section 2M
Parkway Milepost: None
Latitude: 35.788139
Longitude: -82.167372
Creator Individual A.C. Haygard
Tags Automobiles
Land construction
Road conditions
Road construction
View of road
Credit Courtesy of the North Carolina State Archives