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Title Unique Culvert Near Station 262
Date June 23, 1936
Description Photograph shows a 2-channel culvert in section 2A of the Blue Ridge Parkway, crossing over a small stream with fields and a horse on the other side.
Commentary The view of a headwall of a specially designed culvert near station 262 in section 2A. Beyond the culvert we can see an agricultural field with a horse and fence. The stones used in its construction were local to the area, and chosen over concrete in order to save money during early periods in the Parkway’s construction. The earlier stones used in bridgework and guard wall constructions were hand cut and placed by hand, as well.
Location Location Name: Section 2A
Parkway Milepost: None
Latitude: 36.496308
Longitude: -80.955864
Creator Individual A.C. Haygard
Tags Agriculture
Bodies of water
Road construction
Stone carving
Credit Courtesy of the North Carolina State Archives