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Title Road Construction
Title Note Flat Top Road
Date June 3, 1955
Description Placing base stone on Flat Top road, looking west from Station 7 in section 2G of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Commentary For nearly the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway the road is constructed as an undivided two-lane road. Along most of the Parkway the road is designed for a maximum speed of 50 mph, although grades and curves prevent most cars from reaching the Parkway speed limit of 45 mph. The roadway itself is built with a compacted stone base, generally surfaced by modern asphalt. Typically, the road is 21' wide with 4.5' stabilized turf shoulders. A distinctive feature of the Parkway road system is its lack of roadside edge striping, which helps the road blend in with the landscape. Although the Federal Highway Administration has called for edge striping as a safety provision, thus far roadway planners have resisted its implementation, outside of tunnel approaches.
Location Location Name: Milepost 292
Parkway Milepost: 292.0
Latitude: 36.148597
Longitude: -81.663857
Creator Individual F.S.W.
Tags Construction
Construction equipment
Flat Top Road (N.C.)
Road construction
Credit Courtesy of the North Carolina State Archives