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The Digital Blue Ridge Parkway
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Title Rough Grade Work
Date October 31, 1936
Description Photograph shows a rough road cut into rocky slope and curving away into the distance. Taken in section 2C of the Blue Ridge Parkway; automobiles, construction equipment, and buildings are visible in the distance.
Commentary The route that the Blue Ridge Parkway was designed to take was formulated despite various disagreements over the path it should take. The designers wanted it to run through a natural area to preserve the integrity of the area and attract tourists to bolster the mountain towns economies. Workers on the road were part of the Civilian Conservation Corps which was started by President Roosevelt as a part of the New Deal legislation. The CCC employed almost 3 million young men between the ages of 18-24 and put them to work conserving and developing natural resources across the United States. By employing these young men the Roosevelt administration hoped to reinvigorate the economy by providing tourist destinations as well as paying the workers for the effort they put forth building the destinations.
Location Location Name: Section 2C
Parkway Milepost: None
Latitude: 36.416769
Longitude: -81.193564
Creator Individual W.D. Stanton
Tags Alleghany County (N.C.)
Construction equipment
Land construction
Road construction
View of road
Credit Courtesy of the North Carolina State Archives