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Bijou theatre advertisement

Bijou theatre advertisement

Courtesy of The Reaves Collection, New Hanover County Public Library, Wilmington, N.C.

Going to the Show

A DocSouth project

"Driving Through Time" is modeled on its predecessor "Going to the Show," which documents and illustrates the experience of movies and moviegoing in North Carolina from the introduction of projected motion pictures (1896) to the end of the silent film era (circa 1930).

The pages linked to below demonstrate some of the special features of the "Going to the Show" website.

Joyland Theatre Ledger

This section of "Going to the Show" puts the visitor inside the operation of an early storefront theatre. It features annotated images of the Joyland's expense and receipt ledger.

Bijou Commentary

A detailed historical commentary on The Bijou theatre, the first movie theater to open in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Faceted Browsing

"Going to the Show" allows users to employ faceted browsing. Faceted browsing is a method of exploring a collection by selecting from a list of terms which are pulled from the collection. Faceted browsing instead of searching with keywords is a good way for new visitors to become familiar with a collection's offerings. Items have multiple classifications, allowing a user to explore them by filtering their "facets."