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Sara J. Duncan
Progressive Missions in the South and Addresses with Illustrations and Sketches of Missionary Workers and Ministers and Bishops' Wives.
Atlanta, Ga.: The Franklin Printing and Publishing Company, 1906.
List of Illustrations

No. 1.
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No. 6. [Home of Early Training]

74. The missionary class of Morris Brown College, Atlanta, Ga., previously spoken of in the sketch of M. B. C. The first row, Miss Annie M. Bowden, Miss Janie L. Dickens, Miss Laura Pearle Lemon, A.M., Principal, Mrs. D. T. Howard, and Mrs. Mattie A. Ford; next row from left to right, Miss Ella J. Lamar, Miss Sophia M. Parker, Miss Lizzie C. King and Miss Eliza A. Turner, granddaughter of Bishop Turner.

No. 89 [Tuggle Institute, Birmingham, Ala.]

No 95 [M. S. Office.]

No. 110. [Knox Presbyterian Academy.]

No. 111. [Payne University.]

No. 131. [The Author in 1897.]

No. 17. [Dr. H. B. Parks.]

No. 18. [Bishop James M. Handy, D.D.]

No. 22. [Bishop C. T. Shaffer, D.D.]

No 28. [Rev. Jacobus G. Xaba--Native African.]

No. 75. [Bishop J. W. Alstork.]

No. 68. [Mrs. Alice Davis Malone.]

No. 76. [Mrs. Bishop Alstork.]

No. 118. [Mrs. W. G. Alexander]

42 [Miss L. P. Lemon.]

No. 160. [Mrs. I. N. Fitzpatrick.]

No. 159. [Dr. E. A. Williams.]

No. 45. [Bishop W. B. Derrick, D.D.]

No 150. [Dr. C. L. Harris.]

No 20. [Home of the Author.]

No. 15. [St. Paul A. M. E. Church--Cahaba, Ala.]

No. 4. [Bishop Turner.]

No. 26. [Mrs. Bishop Clinton.]

No. 93. [President James M. Henderson.]

No. 25. [President H. W. Councill.]

No. 70. [Mrs. M. A. Calhoun.]

No. 71. [Mrs. Josephine Singleton.]

No. 85. [Sister Joanna Moore.]

No. 92. [Mrs. Carrie A. Tuggle]

No. 94. [Ex-President J. S. Moten, LL.B.]

No. 101. [Mr. Richard Duncan.]

No. 103. [Mrs. Wright Newman.]

No. 73 [Mrs. C. N. Moten.]

No. 86. [Mrs. L. A. Davis.]

No. 82. [Mrs. Sarah Gully.]

No. 90. [Mrs. William D. Johnson.]

No. 81. [Mrs. L. R. Burwell.]

No. 107. [Mrs. Martha A. Philips.]

No. 88. [Mrs. C. L. Proctor.]

No. 129. [Mrs. Helena B. Cobb.]

No. 33. [Mrs. Bishop Moore.]

No. 130. [Mrs. Anna Mixon Stone.]

No. 9. [Father.]

No. 91. [Mrs. Cora King.]

No. 100. [B. F. Hatcher--Brother.]

No. 5. [Sketch of the Author.]

No. 8. [Foster Mother.]

No. 72. [Mrs. Queenie Mitchell.]

No 69. [Mrs. I. V. Roseborough.]

No. 12. [Mrs. Vaughn.]

No 102. [Mrs. Victoria J. Dean.]

No. 125. [Miss Mamie E. Clark.]

No. 114. [Mrs. H. B. Sullivan.]

No. 13. [Mrs. Levens.]

No. 32. [Miss Benson.]

No. 41. [Miss Eliza A. Martin.]

No. 44. [Dr. W. H. Mixon.]

No. 54. [Mr. Robert H. Duncan.]

No. 62. [Mrs. Laura E. Adams.]

No. 159. [Dr. E. A. Williams.]

No. 49. [Mrs. A. V. Glass.]

No. 10. [Mrs. C. M. Wilson.]

No. 38. [Mrs. Alice Dugged Cary.]

No 121. [Mrs. M. E. Waker.]

No. 52. [Mrs. Jennie Broughton.]

No. 39. [Mrs. M. E. Bryant.]

Fo. 123 [Miss L. E. Samuel.]

No. 53. [Mrs. Tena McLain.]

No. 115. [Rev. Millie Wolfe.]

No. 99. [Mrs. Lila Williams.]

No. 127. [The Author at 10 Years of Age.]

No. 48. [Mrs. Ella V. Brown Kennedy.]

No. 116. [Mrs. Eddie Williams.]

No. 11. [Miss E. J. Lamar.]

No. 63. [Mrs. Nora F. Taylor.]

No. 113. [Mrs. Anna Brooks.]

No. 120. [Mrs. L. D. McMillian.]

No. 122. [Miss Alma Burnett.]

No. 106. [Mrs. Rose Boswell.]

No. 19. [Mrs. J. M. Byrd.]

No. 119. [The Author Three Weeks After Death of Mother.]

No. 64. [Mrs. M. F. Carroll.]

No. 67. [Mrs. Mary Smith.]

No. 136. [Mrs. M. J. Jones.]

No. 58. [Mrs. F. L. Pierce.]

No. 65. [Mrs. Mary Coleman.]

No. 98. [Mrs. Henrietta Harris.]

No. 80. [Mrs. Annie Howell.]

No. 117. [Bishop Holsey, D.D.]

No. 104. [Rev. H. R. Ngcayiya and Son--Africans.]

No 126. [Mrs. Lucy E. Brown.]

No. 55. [Mrs. H. A. Carolina.]

No. 66. [Miss Rebecca Harris.]