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Miles Mark Fisher, 1899-1970
Lott Cary, the Colonizing Missionary
From The Journal of Negro History 7, no. 4 (October 1922), 380-418. Lancaster, Pa.; Washington D. C.: The Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, Inc., 1922.


In this article written for the Journal of Negro History in 1922, Miles Fisher relates the story of Lott Cary (1780-1828), "the first American Baptist missionary in Africa" (381). He begins with a short description of Cary's early life and then shifts focus to relate the difficulties Cary overcame in order to start his mission to Africa. Fisher devotes much of the article to documenting Cary's struggles in Africa with disease, natives, slave traders and church organizations back in the United States. He closes by exploring the ramifications of Cary's death, caused by an accidental explosion in 1828.

Brent Kinser

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