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James A. Handy, 1826-1911
Scraps of African Methodist Episcopal History.
Philadelphia: A. M. E. Book Concern, 1902.
List of Illustrations

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Rt. Rev. James A. Handy
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Rev. Daniel Coker.

Rich'd Allen

Rev. Charles Dunn
The Singing Evangelist of Early Days.

Rev. Walter Proctor

Rt. Rev. Morris Brown.

Rev. Richard Robinson

Rev. Levin Lee.

Rev. Joseph M. Corr

Rev. William Moore

Bishop Edward Waters.

Rev. George W. Johnson.

Rev. Henry J. Johnson.

Rev. Chas. H. Peters

Rt. Rev. Paul Quinn

Rev. Henry Davis.

Rev. Deaton Dorrell

Rev. W. D. W. Schureman,

Rev. J. R. V. Morgan

Bishop Willis Nezery. Bishop D. A. Payne, D.D.

Dr. Thomas Kennard,
Prominent in the Canadian Work with Bishop Nazrey. Went to England and collected money with which to extend the work.

Bishop T. M. D. Ward, D D.

Rev. Elisha Weaver.

Rev. J. R. V. Thomas.

Rev. Henry Braddocks,
For 40 years clerk of Bethel Church, Baltimore, Md.

Rev. William McFarlin
An Itinerant Missionary. An Early Pioneer.

Rev. Emanuel Wilhite,
One of the pioneers, and one of the first Presiding Elders of our Church work in Texas.

Rev. Henry J. Rhoades

Rev G. H. Washington
A pioneer worker in Baltimore, Md., and in the A. M. E. Z. Church in New England.

Rev. R. H. Hall

Rev. David Owens,
The first preacher in our Church at Portsmouth, Va. A man of sterling character, and rare Christian virtues.

Rev. R. H. Gibbs,
Who died in our work in Savannah, Ga. One of our pioneers in Georgia.

Financial Department

Rev. Henry James Johnson
Of New England Conference. The oldest living Itinerent in the A. M. E. Church. See cut on page 147, as he appeared in earlier years.

Rev. Arthur Jones
A faithful member of the Baltimore Conference,

Mr. Moses Small
The first carrier of the "Baltimore American," which flourished about 70 years ago, in Baltimore, Md.

Metropolitan Church