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Kenansville Eastern Missionary Baptist Association

Goldsboro, N. C.: Nash Brothers, 1920.


The Minutes of the Annual Sessions of the Kenansville Eastern Missionary Baptist Association and Sunday School Convention provide valuable information about the activities, finances and organizational structure of this congregation in the 1920s. The Minutes detail the business activities of the congregation. A brief synopsis of the morning, afternoon, and night sessions is included for each day of the annual meeting. Included is such information as which hymns were sung, the title of the sermon delivered, and all business and procedural matters addressed during that session. Lists of Ordained Ministers, Committee Reports, rolls, and financial records are also to be found within these annual reports. Reports on obituaries, foreign missions, agriculture, new churches, and schools illustrate the vitality of the Kenansville E.M.B.A. in the 1920s.

Of particular interest is a "Report on the State of the County" located in the Minutes of October 1925 (Fifty-Fifth Annual Session). This report makes note of and protests the lynchings and other violence inflicted upon black members of the community. This report also condemns some professors of Christianity for their interpretation of the Bible and teachings about the life and works of Jesus Christ.

Karen Ruffle

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