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Augustus Granville Dill, 1881-1956

Augustus Granville Dill, sociologist, musician and Business Manager of The Crisis, was born in Portsmouth, Ohio in 1881. Dill received his B. A. from Atlanta University in 1906, and a second B. A. from Harvard University in 1908. Dill returned to Atlanta to receive his M. A. in 1908. It was during this second period in Atlanta that Dill became a student of W. E. B. DuBois. In 1910, Dill became an Associate Professor of Sociology after DuBois resigned his position to establish The Crisis, the NAACP's monthly magazine. In 1913, DuBois convinced Dill to join him as Business Manager for The Crisis. Dill worked for DuBois for 15 years, until 1928. After Dill's resignation, he never returned to teaching; his love for music and performing took precedence in his life.

Augustus Granville Dill's most important professional activity was his early involvement in the NAACP and The Crisis. Dill died in Louisville, Kentucky on March 10, 1956.

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