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E. C. Morris, 1855-
Sermons, Addresses and Reminiscences and Important Correspondence, With a Picture Gallery of Eminent Ministers and Scholars
Nashville, Tenn.: National Baptist Publishing Board, 1901.


Sermons, Addresses, and Reminiscences is a collection of sermons, addresses, question and answer formatted lessons, catechisms, and other documents addressed to the members and officers of the National Baptist Convention. There is a section containing biographical sketches of prominent Baptists, as well as an autobiographical sketch of Morris' life and works. This section includes a number of letters written regarding Morris, which highly esteem his activities in the National Baptist Convention.

The book contains a directory of ordained African-American ministers in the southern states and territories, including the names and post offices of these ministers, which he took from the Baptist Year Book. The directory was included to serve as a reference tool, as well as to show the strength and number of African-American Baptists in the southern United States and territories.

The final section is a "Picture Gallery of Eminent Scholars and Preachers." Individuals selected for this picture gallery include teachers, professional men, pastors of churches with large congregations, college presidents, principals, politicians, notable farmers, and other productive members of society. Accompanying each photograph is the name and a statement of the position of the individual.

Sermons, Addresses, and Reminiscences is an important documentary history of Morris' tenure as President of the National Baptist Convention. By reading his sermons, addresses, letters and reminiscences, one may research the policies and activities of the National Baptist Convention in the late nineteenth century.

Karen Ruffle

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