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Proceedings of the Fifty-Fourth Annual Session of the Newbern Eastern
Missionary Baptist Association of North Carolina Held with the Saint Luke Baptist Church
Morehead City, N. C. Oct. 16-19, 1919:

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New Bern Eastern Missionary Baptist Association

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(title page) Proceedings of the Fifty-Fourth Annual Session of the Newbern Eastern Missionary Baptist Association of North Carolina Held with the Saint Luke Baptist Church Morehead City, N. C. Oct. 16-19, 1919
Newbern Eastern Missionary Baptist Association of North Carolina
32 p.
[New Bern, N.C.]
[The Association]
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Newbern Eastern
Missionary Baptist Association
of North Carolina


Oct. 16-19, 1919

Moderator, Rev. A. H. DUDLEY, James City, N. C.
Vice-Moderator, Rev. M. SPRUELL, Newbern, N. C.
Secretary, S. F. FAISON, James City, N. C.
Assistant Secretary, H. H. PENDER, James City, N. C.
Treasurer, J. R. HILL, Newbern, N. C.
Institute Treasurer, W. F. BELL, Newbern, N. C.

The next session will be held with the Pilgrim Chapel M. B. Church, James City, N. C., Oct. 14-17, 1920. Rev. J. H. Crow, pastor.

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Page 1


        MOREHEAD CITY, N. C., OCT. 16, 1919.

        In complying with the Constitution that governs the New Bern Eartern M B Association of N C. The said Association convened in St Luke's Missionary Baptist Church, Morehead City, N C., Oct 16, 1919 at 10:00 a m, Rev A H Dudley, Pastor in the chair.

        The following officers were present: Moderator, Rev A H Dudley; Secretary, S F Faison. Members of the Board: Rev Dr M W Wynn, H Jenkins, J T York. Rev S L Mann and N H Hargett were appointed to open. Rev Mann ascended the stand, lined hymn No 463, "Blest be the tie that binds." Rev N H Hargett read the 8th Chapter of Paul to the Romans. Prayer was offered by Rev John Mann. Second hymn No 454, "A charge to keep I have," by Rev Mann. The Moderator then made a few remarks and continued the Praise Service for thirty minutes. Then Rev J T York asked a blessing and Rev S L Mann continued singing the old songs of Zion, after which the Moderator arose and gave a lecture and declared the Association opened for business. It was moved and prevailed the Delegates and Ministers' names be enrolled, and the same was done. The Moderator stated that the hour had arrived for the Introductry Sermon which was to be delivered by Rev J M Stiles, but owing to Rev Stiles not being present was unknown to him, therefore by request of the Moderator, Rev J R Respass was invited in his stead. Rev S L Mann arose and lined hymn No 462, "Go preach my Gospel, says the Lord." Then Rev Respass arose and chose for his text 16th Chapter of Mark, 15th and 16th verses, Words, "Go ye into all the world and preach my Gospel unto every creature, he that believes and is baptized shall be saved, and he that believeth not shall be damned. Rev Respass preached a wonderful sermon, the same being a fitting one for the occasion. "We are walking in the light," was sung by Rev Mann. Then the Committe on Hours was appointed as follows: Bro Miles Jones, J H Becton and Alex Dudley. The Moderator then introduced Rev Freddie Hargett as a Christian Baptist member to the Association, and then made Rev Hargett welcome in our midst. Then Dr Pegus, of Raleigh, representing Shaw University, was in our midst, and by unanimous consent Dr Pegus was called upon to say a few words. Dr Pegus arose

Page 2

and in a most graceful manner spoke fully upon Educational Plans. He said We made plenty of money to run our school. He said also we needed a more and better educated ministry in our midst, because the world's cry now was an educated ministry and money. Other plans he laid down for the Association. In conclusion he said that he had made and perfected an arrangement in Shaw University to take care of as many ministers as could come for the small sum of $40.00, provided the Association would lay aside that amount to help support a student in Shaw's this year. The following named ministers came forward and raised the amount as follows: Rev J H Crow $1.00, Rev Elijah Jones $1.00, Dr Pegus $1.00, Dr W H A Stalley $2.00, Rev A H Dudley $1.00, Rev M B Spruell $1.00, Rev T T Williams $1.00, Rev Hayward Jinkins $1.00, Bro B W Best 50 cents. Total raised $9.50.

        By motion Dr Pegus' statement was received and Rev A H Dudley, Moderator, was named for the student.

        The Association adjourning at pleasure. $141.25 was raised. Benediction by Bev H Jenkins.


        The First Day Afternoon Session was called to order at 2:30 p m with Rev A H Dudley, Moderator, presiding. Devotional Exercises were carried out by Revs W W Manning and I N Elliott. First hymn No 520 was lined by Rev Manning. Reading the 37th Psalm by Rev I N Elliott. Prayer was offered by Rev J R Howard. Second hymn No 465, "How sweet, how heavenly is the sign," by Rev Manning, after which the Modorator declared the Association opened for business. By a motion the minutes of the forenoon session was read and approved. Roll was called and absentees checked. The doors were then open for the reception of ordained Ministers. Rev I N Elliott came forward and by a motion was received in the Association as a member. Rev Samuel Walker of Washington came forward and after being carefully examined, was referred before the Executive Board for further examination. Rev R H Harper, a Corresponding Delegate from the Bear Creek Association, came forward and delivered a splendid lecture. The same was responded to by Rev Dr Moses W Wynn. Rev Dr W H A Stallings, Pastor of St John's Baptist Church, New Bern, N C, was introduced. Rev Stallings arose and in a few remarks made a powerful talk to the Association upon the subject of education, after which "Blest be the tie that binds"

Page 3

was sung, and Rev A L E Weeks was called upon to respond to the talk made by Dr Stallings. The following Committees were appointed as follows:

        On Finance: S W Sanders, G T Rasberry, C L Credle, B W Best, P Fay, Caesar Smallwood, R F Moore.

        On Temperance: Rev J T York, Miles Jones, S M Clark, John H Smith and John Mann.

        Motioned and prevailed by Rev A L E Weeks that the Association take up a collection at once towards raising the $40:00. S W Sanders paid $1.00, C S Smallwood $1.00, C L Credle $1.00, A L E Weeks $1.00, J T York $1.00, Abram Hargett $1.00, Rev J H Crow $1.00, S L Mann $1.00, Alex Dudley $1.00, E S Gibbs $1.00, Amos Jones $1.00, G T Rasbery $1.00, Marina Smith $1.00, John H Smith $1.00, Thos Credle $1.00, W H A Stallings, $1.00 M B Spruel $1.00, J O Badger $1.00, Rev S M Cheek $1.00, B W Best $1.00. Thos Windly $1.00, W F Bell $1.00, W H Pender $1.00, A H Dudley $1.00, H H Pender $5.00. Total raised including $8.75 beforenoon $40.00. The Association fees from Delegates and Ministers $45.00, $32.00 for scholarship. Total $77.00. The Association then took recess. Benediction by Rev H Jenkins.


        The New Bern E M B Association was called to order by the Vice-Moderator, M G Spruill at 7:30. Devotional Exercises were conducted by Rev J R Howard. First hymn No 231, "There is a fountain filled with blood." Reading the 9th Chapter of St John. Prayer was offered by Rev A L E Weeks. Second hymn No 234, "Salvation oh the joyful sound," after which the Moderator declared the meeting opened for business and ordered the roll called. By a motion all business was deferred. The Welcome Address was then first to come off and Miss Sadie Fenner came forward and in a very graceful manner welcomed the delegation. On part of the church making the delegation welcome to everything in their power that constitute their happiness while in this city. Responded to by W H Pender who kindly accepted the welcome on behalf of the Association. Welcome on part of the city was made by Rev Willis, the white Baptist minister, who made a grand talk, making the delegation welcome to the city. Rev A L E Weeks was called to respond who accepted the welcome in behalf of the Association, and promising that we were sure to carry out a Christian meeting. Then the Moderator arose and lined hymn, "What are they doing in heaven to-day?" The Temperance Sermon

Page 4

was next to come off, the same to be preached by Rev J T York. Rev York ascended the stand. "My soul in sad exile was out on life's sea," was sung by Rev M B Spruill. Rev. York chose for his text the 5th Chapter of Paul to the Ephesians, 18th verse, Be not filled with wine but with the spirit." Rev York's sermon was a wonderful one, quoting the Scripture throughout his sermon which ended up in a glorious sermon. "Go wash and be clean," was sung by Vice-Moderntor M B Spruell. Collection lifted by Rev Weeks and J H Crow amounting to $43.04. Rev Willis by permission arose and spoke of the $200,000 drive the white Baptist ministers are making in behalf of the colored people as well as the whites. Dr Pegus spoke encouraging words in behalf of the drive, and concluded by saying that the colored people needed more money, better teaching than the whites. The Home Committee then took charge and the Association adjourned. Benediction by the Vice-Moderator.


        The Second Day. Morning Session was called to order at 10:00 a m by Vice-Moderator Rev M B Spruell. Devotional Exercises were conducted by Rev J R Murry and N W Smith. First hymn No. 487, "I heard the voice of Jesus say" by Rev Smith. Reading the 2nd Chapter of Matthew by Rev J R Williams. Prayer was offered by Bro S W Sanders. "Oh when my soul is resting in the presence of the Lord," was sung by Mrs Annie E Weeks, after which the Moderator gave a lecture and declared the Association opened for business. Motioned and prevailed that the roll be called and minutes read for approval. The following Committees were then appointed:

        On Place of Meeting: Bro J R Hill, Abram Hargett, David Murry, Shade Heath, John Murry, H H Pender, Alex Dudley, O J Carter, John Gibbs.

        On Education: Rev Dr W H A Stallings, Rev A L E Weeks, Rev I S Branch, Rev N H Hargett, Rev John Murry, Amos Jones.

        On Petitionary Letters: Rev J R Respass. Thos Windley, Jas Ward, Wiley Rodman, Geo Jones. Grayham Jones.

        On Resolutions: Revs W N Manning, Roma Little, M F Sawyer, W D Best, T F Creedle. J J Murphy, J R Howard.

        On Grievances: Revs L P Martin, E S Gibbs, H Gay, Geo A Moore, F T Thomas, J O Badger, N W Smith.

        By Motion from the Corresponding Delegates from the Hyde County Association, Rev Luther Gibbs and Rev W E

Page 5

Cale came forward and were accepted as Delegates from the Hyde County Association. Rev Gibbs was first to speak, who made a fine talk, followed by Rev Cale, who spoke in the highest terms of the New Bern Association, and each paid $5.00 and became members of the Association. Then a collection was raised to the amount of $7.00 and turned over to Rev Wm E Cale as a Missionary of the Hyde County Association. Rev R W Shields. Secretary of the Executive Board of the Old Eastern M B Association was called upon to say something. Rev Shields arose and in a Christian manner addressed the Association. Responded to by Rev J H Crow. Rev Dr Wynn, Delegate from the Trent River Oakey Grove Association reported the actual cost of his trip amounted to $2 08. By a motion the report was rsceived and the expenses was allowed. By a motion Rev A H Dudley was elected Delegate to the Hyde County Association and Rev Thos T Williams was elected Delegate to the Bear Creek Association. Amount of collection from Delegates. etc $44.20. The Association took recess. Benediction by Moderator.


        The Second Day Afternoon Session of the New Beren Eastern M B Association was called to order by Rev M B Spruell, Vice-Moderator. Devotional Exercises were conducted by Rev Walter Green and Wm Anderson. First hymn No 360. Reading 2nd Chapter of the Acts of the Apostle by Rev Anderson. A soul-stirring prayer was offered by Father Jenkins. Second hymn No 630, "A few more years has come" by Rev Walter Green, after which the Moderator declared the Association open and ready for business. "Get right with God" was sung with a deep spiritual feeling. The minutes of the forenoon session was read and approved.

        The Committee on Place of Meeting made their report as follows: That this Association will convene with the Pilgrim Chapel Baptist Church. James City. N C, Oct 1920.

        Respectfully Submitted,

        Your Committee.

        The report was received and adopted.

        By a motion Rev T M Gaskill was excused from the Association.

        The Temperance Committee reported, Report adopted. See report.

        The Committee on Resolutions made report. See report. Adopted.

        By a motion Rev W H Pender was elected a Delegate to the Trent River Oaky Grove Association.

Page 6

        The Committee on Ordination was then appointed: Revs W H Pender, E S Gibbs, H Jenkins. S L Mann. W H A Stallings, J H Crow, B W Williams, Wm Anderson, J T York. Amount taken up from delegates and ministers $25.00. The Association then took a recess. Benediction by Rev L P Martin.


        The New Bern E M B Association reconvened at 7:30 p m, Vice Moderator M B Spruell presiding. Devotional Exercises were conducted by Revs N F Brooks and E J Burrus. First hymn No 243. "Fresh from the throne of glory" by Rev N F Brooks. Reading the 22nd Chapter of Revelations by Rev E J Burrus. The Throne of Grace was addressed by Rev Robert Murry. Second hymn No 492 "Amazing grace how sweet the sound," after which the Moderator declared the Association opened and ready for business, and ordered the roll to be called and minutes were deferred. The Moderator then arose and introduced Rev J H Crow to preach the Doctrinal Sermon. Rev Crow ascended the stand and after a few remarks sang. "Hark the voice of Jesus crying," and chose for his text the 6th Chapter of Jeremiah and the 15th Verse. Words: Thus sayeth the Lord. Stand ye in the way and see and ask for the old path. Subject, The way to heaven. Rev Crow's sermon was one well fitted for the occasion and it was delivered with spiritual power. The same being full of doctrinal, which made many hearts glad. The Vice-Moderator arose and complimented the Doctrinal Sermon delivered by Rev Crow. and sang one of the songs of zion, after which he introduced Rev A H Dudley, Moderator, to deliver the Annual Address. Rev Dudley arose and in a brief and powerful manner delivered the Annual Address. Rev N F Brooks was called upon to respond to the address, who greatly applauded the address and bid him God's speed. Motioned the Moderator's address be received and spread upon the face of the minutes. By a motion the rule be suspended and the Moderator elected by acclimation. Motion prevailed. A collection was lifted by Vice-Moderator Amounting to $20 22.

        The Committee on Petitioning Letters reported a small body of churches known as the Pamlico Association petitioned for recognition in the New Bern Eastern Association. and after a full discussion over the matter it was ruled that the matter of relationship asked by the Pamlico Association through Rev. Moore of Bonnerton be dropped, and Bro Moore be reported to the Old Eastern Association of which he is a

Page 7

member of for attempting to bring a confused body into our Association for recognition. Motion carried. The Association then adjourned with benediction by Rev L P Martin.


        The New Bern E M B Association re-convened at 10:00 a m with Rev A H Dudley Moderator presiding Devotional Exercises were conducted by Rev I S Branch and J O Badger. First hymn No 478, "Oh for a heart to praise my God" by Rev Branch. Reading the 25th Chapter of St Matthew by Rev Badger. Prayer was offered by Rev. B W Williams. Second hymn No 3, "Since Jesus came into my heart," by Rev Branch, after which the Moderator declared the Association opened for business. By a motion the minutes of the last evening session were read and approved with the exception of the Moderator's Address, and that this said address be referred to a special committee, adopted. Rev N F Brooks made a statement concerning the jubilee appointed for old aged ministers of our Association, and motioned the Association to take part in it. Motion prevailed.

        A special committee on the Moderator's Address were appointed as follows: Revs Dr W H A Stallings, N F Brooks, J H Crow. Bros G T Rosebery and R R Davis. The Jubilee Committee to meet the S S Convention Committee as follows: Rev Wm Anderson, Primos Fay, Revs W H A Stallings, J H Crow, T T Williams.

        Motioned and prevailed the same officers that served up to Oct. 1919 be re-elected over for the ensuing year. Motion prevailed.

        The Committee on the Moderator's Address reported, See report received and the Moderator's Address adopted with the exception reported by the Committee.

        Rev S M Clark came before the Association and kindly asked them to assist him in having an operation performed upon his eye. $5.00 was lifted and donated to Rev Clark. Amount collected from Delegates and Ministers. The Association took recess. Benediction by Rev M B Spruell Vice-Moderator.


        The New Bern E M B Association was called to order by Rev M B Spruell, Vice-Moderator at 2:30 p m. Devotional Exercises were conducted by Revs J H Keringy and Miles Jones. First hymn No 492 lined by Rev Keringy. Reading the 7th Chapter of Matthew by Rev Jenes. Prayer was offered by Bro Shade Heath. Second hymn No 86, "Oh God

Page 8

our help and our age is poor," by Rev Keringy, after which the Moderator declared the Association opened for business. After the roll called and minutes read and approved the Moderator gave one half hour for the reception of the Home Mission Bands of various churches: The Home Mission Band of St John's Church, New Sun sends greeting and $2.00 to the Association represented by the Secretary. Sister Hannah Quinn. Pres Sadie Hymen, Secretary of the Home Mission Band of Pilgrim Chapel Church, James City, sends greeting and $10 00 to the Association for educational purposes. Sister Francis Armond, President, Sister A R Pender Secretary The Home Mission Band of Star of Zion was represented by the Pastor, sends greeting and $2.00. Sister Annie Windsor President and Sister Mary E Smyre Secretary. It was moved and prevailed that a vote of thanks be and is extended to the various Home Mission Bands for their fine donations made the Association.

        Rev R H Sawyer A M E Z Minister was introduced to the Association. Rev Sawyer made some very interesting remarks, responded to by Rev T T Williams. By permission Rev J H Crow was excused from the Association and on leaving Rev Crow donated to the old aged ministers $1.00. and to the Moderator $1.00. Total left for these purposes 2.00. The Ordination Committee then reported as follows: Bro J R Howard came before us and after carefully examining the applicant we recommend him to further studies. Report was received and adopted. The Executive Board then made their report. Report received and adopted. See report.

        The Trustee Board reported, the same was received and adopted.

        There being no further business the Association took recess. Benediction by Rev. L P Martin.


        The Third Day Night Session was called to order by the Moderator, Rev. A H Dudley at 7:30 p m. Devotional Exercises were carried out by Rev E C. Pigott and John H Richardson. First hymn No 81. "God moves in a mysterious way" by Rev E C Pigott. Reading the 11th Chapter of St John by Bro J H Richardson, then a soul-stirring prayer by Bro John W Moore. Second hymn No 231, "There is a fountain filled with blood," after which the Moderator declared the Association ready for business. The Missionary Sermon was in order the same to be delivered by Rev T T Williams. Rev Williams ascended the stand. "Go wash and be clean"

Page 9

was sung by Vice-Moderator, after which the Moderator arose and introduced Rev Thos T Williams to preach the Missionary Sermon. Rev Williams chose for his text the 16th Chapter of St Mark, 15th verse, "Go ye into all the world and preach my Gospel unto every creature. He that believeth and is baptised, the same shall be saved, and he that believeth not shall be damned." Rev Williams' sermon was one to be remembered. It was like bread cast upon the waters to be seen for many days." A powerful prayer was made by Rev R Murly. Then the Association Missionary, Bro E Jones made report and turned over $50.02. The said report was received and adopted and a vote of thanks extended to Bro Jones. The commission accepted by Bro Jones was one-third, amounting to $16.66.

        The Home Mission Band of Stonewall, N C, Mt Sinai, was read and sends greeting of $2.10. By a motion the report was received and a vote of thanks extended the Home Mission Band. Sister Cora Best President, Sister Annie Best Secretary.

        The Home Mission Band of Antioch sends greeting of $4.00 to the Association, represented by Sister Phillis Simmons President, and Sister Bessie Crooms Secretary. By a motion the same was received and adopted and a vote of thanks extended the Antioch Band for the noble donation sent the Association.

        It was moved and prevailed the Association would pay off her indebtedness and the same was paid off, after which the Association adjourned with pleasure. Benediction by Dr M W Wynn.


        The Fourth Day Morning Session was called to order by the Moderator, Rev A H Dudley presiding, at 11:00 a m. Devotional Exercises were conducted by Rev H C Pope. First hymn No 396, "Come Holy Spirit Heavenly Dove" by Rev Pope. Reading the 1st Chapter of St John by Rev Miles Jones. Prayer was offered by Rev I S Branch. Anthem sung by the choir. Second hymn No 141, "The head that once was crowned with thorns are crowned with glory now" by Rev H C Pope, after which the Moderator arose and introduced Rev Dr M W Wynn to deliver the Educational Sermon. Rev Wynn arose. Text: 4th Chapter, 7th verse of Proverbs, words. Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom, and with all of thy getting get understanding. Subject: Is not it beyond you? Go and take it. Dr Wynn's

Page 10

sermon was gracefully delivered. His principal subject was get knowledge and you would be fully able to expound the word of God into the world. The sermon was inviting to all that heard it, and especially inviting to all ministers of the Gospel. "There is joy in that land" was sung by the Moderator, after which a collection of $ ___ was lifted for the Association and turned over to the Treasurer. The Association then took recess, with Benediction by Rev H C Pope.


        The Fourth Day Afternoon Session of the New Bern E M B Association was called to order at 3:00 p m with Rev A H Dudley Moderator presiding. After Devotional Exercises were over the Moderator stated that he had promised to lift a collection for the old and aged ministers which consisted of Revs M W Wynn, L P Martin and H Jenkins. The amount lifted for this purpose amounted to $23.25, therefore $7.75 was allotted each party and was turned over to them. Then a few remarks from each of the Brethren thanking the Association for the liberal donation, then the Moderator introduced Rev S L Mann to preach. Rev Mann ascended the stand, text 10th Chapter of 1st Kings, 7th verse. Words: "Howbeit I believed not the words until I came, and mine eyes had seen it and behold the half was not told me." Rev Mann held his audience spellbound for one hour, fully explaining the wisdom of Solomon when visited by the Queen of Sheba, after which a collection of $16.35 was lifted for Associational purposes, and the Association adjourned at pleasure. Benediction by Moderator.


        The Fourth Day Night Session of the New Bern E M B Association re-convened at 7:30 p m, Rev A H Dudley Moderator presiding. Devotional Exercises were conducted by Revs M B Becton and E C Pigott. First hymn No 166, sung by the choir. Reading the 15th Chapter of St John by Rev E C Pigott. Prayer was offered by Bro M B Becton. Second hymn No 123, after which the Moderator gave a lecture and then introduced Rev S L Mann to preach. Rev Mann arose and sang "I want to go to heaven when I die." Text 7th Chapter of Paul to the Romans, 24th verse, Oh wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from the body of this death. Subject, get right with God. Rev Mann delivered a powerful sermon, the same being delivered with the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. The Woman's Auxiliary then

Page 11

reported as follows: We the Woman's Auxiliaries working under the jurisdiction of the New Bern E M B Association beg to submit the following: We have not done so very much this year on account of the great epidemic that existed in our land during the late fall and early winter, hence we have not been able to get over the fields and put a great many Auxiliaries at work, therefore we bring to you this small sum of $157.25. Respectfully submitted for your consideration, Sister Edith Keys, President; Sister W F Spruell, See Woman's Auxiliaries.

        It was motioned and prevailed that the report of the Woman's Auxiliary be received and adopted, and the See order the same to be spread on the minutes, Adopted.

        Then the Secretary read the report of all moneys raised from the sitting of the Association Thursday a m, to adjournment Sunday night amounted to $1550.00.

        It was motioned and prevailed that a vote of thanks be and is extended to the people at Morehead City, N C, both Methodist and Baptist, white and colored for their kind and hospitable acts done the Association during its four days in the City.

        Thus ends the proceedings of the New Bern Eastern Missionary Baptist Association of N C. "God be with you till we meet again.

Rev A H Dudley, Moderator Presiding,

S Franklin Faison, Secretary.

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        We the Executive Board of the New Bern Eastern Missionary Baptist Association of N C beg to submit the following report: We met in the Star of Zion Baptist Church, New Bern, N C, on January 8th, 1919, Rev Dr M W Wynn Chairman presiding. After Devotional Exercises by Rev J T York, the Chairman stated the 1st order of business was Organization and Rev M W Wynn was chosen as Chairman, and Rev T T Williams Sec. Rev T M Gaskill elected as Field Missionary for 1918 and 1919, Oct.

        The various sermons were lined out for Oct 1919. Bro M F Sawyer was before the Board and asked for a donation, and by a motion $3.00 was donated to him. Queen Street Church represented with $9.04. Queen Street Auxiliary $1.00; Mt Shiloah, James City $10.00, Mt Shiloah Auxiliary $1.00; Macedonia, New Bern, $5.00. R R Davis ExTreasurer turned over $25.37. Licentiate Ministers: Bro James Rhodes $1.00, W T Stancil $1.00. Received from Rev T M Gaskin, Field Missionary $13.00. Making a total collected $77.91. The amount of money in all treasures $566.25. The question of the Treasurer giving bonds was next and Rev L P Martin was offered for Bro W F Bell's bondsman to the amount of $500. Bro J R Hill's Bond amounted to $250 and Rev A H Dudley was accepted as his bondsman. The Secretary of the Woman Auxiliary was next to be filled and Sister M F Spruell was made Secretary permanently, and Sister Della Hill her Assistant. The question of Minutes was in order and by a motion 1000 Minutes were to be printed and mailed out to the Churches and $100.00 was allowed for the same. The question of the expenses of the Executive Board was in question and after many speeches made, it was motioned and prevailed that in the future the Executive Board should notify the church wherever it would meet, and that they have services there in order to raise her own expense. The application of the Trustees to borrow $1000.00 was brought up, and after discussion over it, by motion it was deferred to the Trustees for action. The money was then appropriated as follows: J R Hill Association Treasurer $124.50, W F Bell Institute Treasurer $416.25,Rev T M Gaskill Missionary

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turned over $10.00, balance due $3.00, the same being paid later. The expenses of the Board is total $17.91.

Respectfully submitted,

Rev M W Wynn Chairman,

"T. T. Williams Sec.


New Bern, N. C., Nov. 12th, 1919.

        The Executive Board met in St John's Baptist Church, New Bern, N C, Nov 12th, 1919, Rev Dr M W Wynn, Chairman presiding. Devotional Exercises were conducted by Revs W H Pender and J T York, after which the Chairman gave a lecture and declared the meeting open for business. By a motion Rev M W Wynn was chosen Chairman and Rev T T Williams Sec.

        After organization the Secretary was called to give the amount of money in treasury. The Secretary stated that the Treasurer had in hand $880.20 Institute treasury, and that the amount in the Association was $124.50 accepted by the Treasurer.

        By a motion the Institute Treasurer was ordered to give a bond for, $880.20 and the Association Treasurer give a bond for $124.50.

        The Executive Board then ordered the Secretary to print one thousand minutes and distribute them to the churches, $100.00 was allowed for the same.

        The Special Sermons were lined out as follows: Introductory Sermon Rev W H Pender, Temperance Sermon Rev M B Spruell, Missionary Sermon Rev N F Brooks, Educational Sermon Rev Dr. W H. A Stallings, Doctrinal Sermon Rev A H. Dudley. The Board took up the Association Grounds in question and laid the same off into Four Districts. No 1 Craven County, Jones Co, Rev M B Spruell was made Chairman to call all ministers to meet for organization. No 2 Carteret County Rev Elijah James, No 3 Pamlico County Rev W M Anderson, No 4 Beaufort and Pitt Counties Rev H Jenkins. After organization of the Union Meetings the said Moderator who is to be elected shall make an itemized statement to the Executive Board Chairman of all money raised at at each Union meeting, and they shall have one-half of all the money raised, and they pay the expenses out of their half. Illustrated: $25.00 must be sent to the Executive Board Secretary, and the remainder is divided with the Brethren of the Unions after their expenses are paid. The Chairman is asked to publish a circular, and after

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talking over the matter by a motion it was deferred to further consideration. The Executive Board recommended the Moderator to have $19.00, Secretary $19.00, Vice-Moderator $8.00, Assistant Secretary $8.00.

Rev M W Wynn, Chairman.
"T T Williams, Sec.

        We your Committee on Ordination beg to submit the following: Bro J R Howard, of Mt Zion Baptist Church, Arapohoe, came before us for ordination, and after carefully examining him, we in God's name recommended him to his church for further study.

Rev B W Williams, Chairman.
"J T York, Sec.

        We your Committee on Moderator's Address beg to report that we congratulate our Moderator on his applauded address. We recommend that suggestions with reference to Salaries for ministers toward the churches and churches calling pastors be left to the individual churches for themselves, also recommend that 52 cents remain as it is for the present, also that all Pastors, Deacons and other leading members do all they can to help carry out this plan for educational purposes. We further recommend the adoption of the Moderator's Address in full with these exceptions named in our report.

Respectfully submitted, your Committee,
Rev W H A Stalling.
"N F Brooks.

        Report of the Executive Board in regards of investigating Rev M S L Walker. Rev Walker came before us and after careful examination of the said Bro we therefore recommend him back to his church, as his ordination papers did not give us satisfaction.

Rev M W Wynn, Chairman.
"T T Williams, Sec.


        The Annual report of the Trustees of the Atlantic and North Carolina Industrial Institute of James City, N. C.

        Bro Moderator, Officers, Delegates and Members of the N E M B A of N C. The Lord has spared us to meet again in this Association, and we the Trustees of the above named School, beg leave to make our annual report from November 28th, 1918 to October 16th, 1919.

1 The Trustees held their first meeting after the Association adjourned Nov 30th, 1918. On the 26th of Feb 1919,

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and made the arrangement to borrow a thousand dollars from Lawyer R W Williamson, of New Bern, N C, and appointed a Building Committee of three consistiug of S F Faison, A H Dudley and W F Bell to build the Dormitory which is there to be seen, and when finished will be worth $4000, to which the Trustees signed the mortgage for the $1000, April 14th, 1919. Prof H H Pender was the builder of the house.
2 The Trustees put in the hands of the Building Committee . . . . . $1,552.70
3 The Trustees turned over to the Executive Board 150.00
4 And the total receipts for the past school year, outside of what was turned over to the Building Committee and Executive Board was $124.22.
5 The Disbursements: The Building Committee paid out for Lumber and other Materials, Carpenters, etc, up to date $1,552.45, and they will give account of the materials and value on hand, they have 25 cents balance out of $1,552.70.
6 The first meeting of Trustees was . . . . . $37.47
To sign the mortgage was . . . . . 15.00
To Printing and distributing circulars and blanks for us to churches, postage and drayage, expressage on package R R fare to Weldon and back for the Secretary M W Wynn, to make arrangements for two cuts on the circulars as you see R R 7.34. Board and sleeping one night $2.50, and postage stamps . . . . . 24.00
Total paid out . . . . . $76.47
7 Total balance on hand in the Treasury . . . . . $47.75

        The indebtedness of the school to all persons for services rendered from November 30th 1918 to October 16th, 1919 for the building, etc to be paid on and after the meeting of the Association.

1 S B Parker and interest $ 10.80
2 New Bern Hardware Co 62.90
3 H H Pender Carpenter Work 12.50
4 M P Jones 6.50
5 A Coley 5.75
6 W A Hooks 5.00
  Total $206.65

Page 16

The total indebtness for the past year is up to date to be paid for building purposes 206.65
Trustees 21.50
Due Building Committee 30.00
Total $258.15

        Now giving honor to all. The Sunday School Convention gave $45.00 and St John's Baptist Church of New Bern, N C gave $45.70 this year. That is all counted in the total sum as above stated, but want you to know what they have done. All of which we submit for your consideration. Trustees as above named.

T T Williams, Chairman.

M W Wynn, Sec.

        We your Committee on Temperance beg to report the following:

        Whereas we see the great need of temperance being taught among our people, we recommend that all ministers, abstain from all intoxicating drinks, tobacco and such like that they may be able to teach the same to the people, and recommend that the parents teach it to their children.

Respectfully submitted,

John H Smith, Chairman.

Rev J T York, Sec.

        The Committee on Resolutions reported, and the same was deferred.

Rev W W Manning, Chairman.

W T Sawyer, Sec.

        We your Committee on Place beg to report that the next session of this Association will convene in the 1st Baptist Church, Graysville, near James City. N C, Oct 1920.

J R Hill, Chairman.

John Murry, Sec.

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Who paid $5.00 Each.

Dr M W Wynn New Bern
S L Mann New Rochell, N Y. 46 Ave E.
A H Dudley James City
S M Clark New Bern No 4
N H Hargett James City
John Murry Edwards
John Mann Royal
E S Gibbs Aurora
J T York Riverdale
J R Respass Washington
Bryant Moore Washington
Pearston Tuton Blunt's Creek
W H Hardy Aurora
T M Gaskill New Bern
Elijah James New Port
A Griffin's River Dale
W W Manning James City
J H Crow Dunn
M B Spruell New Bern
I N Elliott New Bern
W H Pender New Bern
F L Little Greenville
Thos T Williams Tuscarora
J O Badger Pollocksville
T H Forbes New Bern
P N Midgett due $2.50 Messic
Dr A L E Weeks Wilson
Shade Barrow Oriental
A W Walker New Bern
Dr W H A Stallings Edenton
F T Thomas New Bern
I S Branch Blunt's Creek
L P Martin New Bern
B W Williams Goldsboro
Wm E Coral Belhaven
Luther Gibbs Belhaven
E J Burrus Bayboro
W M Anderson New Bern
Robert Murry Edwards
R Gaskins Merritt
N F Brooks Beaufort
J H Kernigy Oriental

Page 18

Elis Bell Beaufort
H C Pope Tuscarora
John F Jones New Bern
F D Sanders Oriental
C C Gillett New Bern
S T King Swans Quarter
J J Granthen, Due $4.00


Who Paid $3.00 Each.

Hayward Jenkins Miles Jones L Staten
Matthew Griffin W H Jackson J H Richardson
J H Smith Thos Windley Sandy O Farrow
J R Howard Hubbard Hill J S Badger
M W Becton E C Pigott T E Wright
James Rhodes Jas W Pasture W T Stancil


Who Paid 50 Cents Each.

Shade Heath C S Smallwood Wiley Rodman
A Rodman O J Carter Alex Dudley
John S Moore R F Moore D M Murray
J J Windley Hyman Gay S F Faison
W F Bell W M Gibbs R R Davis
C L Credle Amos Jones Elyjah James
P Fay G F Raspberry M F Sawyer
W H Jackson B W Best G E Jones
John York, Jr T F Credle J J Murphy
H H Pender Abram Hargett S W Sanders
John Gibbs O R Lee Lizeora Reynar
J R Hill N W Smith Roma Little
G A Moore Joseph Ward W D Best James Crooms

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        Ladies and Gentlemen: Words are inadequate to express the emotion that fills my bosom and welling up of my soul at this moment as I stand before you for the fourth time as to try to deliver my annual address. Brothers, Sisters; This 1919 brings us to the fifty-fourth year in the history of this Association. Years fraught with joy and sorrow; enough joy to encourage, enough sorrow to sweeten by teaching dependence on God our Father. The same has been turned into joy when the waves would rush over us: then our Father would come to us and show himself gracious.

        The old fathers and founders and members of this Association have shown themselves loyal, energetic and painstakig in the work, and have brought the Association to a permanent basis. At times the public wondered whether or not the work would stand. That is a wonder of the past. No one who has followed the Association in its works has any more wonder. "On Christ the Solid Rock," it stands.

        At one time the doctrine of this Association was questioned, and fears apprehended that it might prove a wreck. But thanks be to God the doctrine has been thoroughly tested and found secure. We repeat, the Associatien is secure in doctrine for Christ said to Peter, upon this Rock I build my Church and the Gates of Hell, shall not prevail against it. Brothren and Sisters, this Association has had its hardships, at times it has been in the thickest of the smoke, and the hardest of the battle, you could almost hear the roar of canons, and see the flames of fire. But through it all the mighty hand of God has brought it safe thus far. And with grace and push and pluck he will lead it on to victory.

        Then again, there were fears as to the financial responsibilities. Argument said that the old men were spasmodic in spirituality, finances and almost everything, and that the Association would not retain its fever for educational work as begun. That has been refuted, and to-day both men and women stand stronger for educational aud industrial work than in the beginning. The past history of the Association and the Sunday School Convention shows that at one time the unity between them was not very strong. Not that there was any real opposition, but imaginary opposition, which caused just a little friction. But to-day I feel that the Association and Convention stands hand and hand, ready to endorse all

Page 20

that is right in every individual and all bodies. We realize fully that in union there is strength.

        We are thankful to give to the public the fact that our Association has no factions; that we stand as a body of Christian workers for God and the uplift of falling humanity.

        The question of importance confronting us to-day is how to interest our pastor and preachers in the educational and missionary work in our churches and schools. We do not mean to complain, because the fault may be in us, but we would like to see a stronger bond between the pastors, preachers and members when it comes to educational and industrial work. The local workers are doing well along the line of keeping up union meetings and some of our people are encouraging the work, while some are discouraging it.

        Brethren, let us as members of this Association give more of our time in working up an interest for the Association and for education. Let us make ourselves Missionaries going from house to house visiting and trying to create a thirst for knowledge concerning the Association and its needs, if so I believe great good will be done.

        We rejoice when we look back a quarter of a century and see the wonderful progress which has been made, and the bright future before us as we enter upon the first year of the twentieth century. Fifty-four years ago there was a need for such an organization in North Carolina as the Eastern Missionary Baptist Association, and there is a greater need to-day. All organizations grow out of a need. Where there is no need, the organization soon comes to an end. In the Associational work, as the years go by, the demand for educational qualification increases.

        Allow me to speak of the nature of the work. This Association is two fold: Educational and Missionary. It is an acknowledged fact that all the religious training and Bible instruction that a majority of our young people get is in the Churches and Sunday Schools. The Sunday School takes the children at an age when they are most susceptible to religious truth and can be easily impressed. Our Sunday Schools and Churches to-day have a large attendance of about fifteen hundred young people. What does that mean? It means unless there is awakening among the Baptist of the New Bern Eastern Missionary Association, and that they put forth some effort to save them, we are just the looser and that is all. To us Divine Command is given to publish a free salvation and teach unto every nation what his will is toward us. We can carry out this command in no better way than to begin with the child whose tender heart

Page 21

has not been hardened by sin and disobedience. Here we may plant the see of love and spiritual grace before this evil day comes, and before the years draw nigh when they say, I have no pleasure in them.

        I want to interest my Brother Preachers, for they have the people and have the power to help or hinder the work. The commission of the world is entirely in their hands. Go ye into all the world and preach my gospel, saith the Lord, bid the whole earth my grace receive, he shall be saved that trust my word, and he shall be condemned who will not believe.

        Be it said to their shame and disgrace that hundreds of our Pastors and Preachers seem to care nothing about educational work, and for the uplift of falling humanity. Bro Preachers wist ye not that we were about our Father's business? Let us try a definite plan and every man resolve to carry them out. This is the only way to succeed.

        We must ever bear in mind what Bible instruction is an importance. Much attention is being given to other lines of work, viz: Engineering, Agriculture, Horticulture Mechanical and Industrial Arts, Law, Medicine and other Professions. This is as it should be. I wish to see greater advancement along all lines till rich ores embedded in the earth by the hand of God are brought forth and converted into palatial structures not second to Solomon's Temple; till the whole earth shall be equal in beauty to the Garden of Eden; till man shall become so skilled in the mechanical and industrial arts that he who performs physical labor will not regard it as a drudgery and something to be dreaded, but the greatest pleasure, the hum of machinery furnishing music that will enchant the soul; till our physicians will become so skilled in medicinal science that physical suffering will be no more.

        But remember that were it possible for all this to be attained, yet without that training that has to do with the formation of Christian character, this world would be a moral chaos. Why not then give most attention to the things most important. While we have thousands of young people in the State of North Carolina, and there are hundreds of them yet unreached. Many of these are not in the destitute country districts, but in our towns and cities, yea, around our church doors. Therefore there is great missionary work to be done; and we as a Baptist people should devise plans by which this neglected host of boys and girls may be reached and brought under the influence of this Association.

        The primary object of the work of this Association is the

Page 22

conversion of souls, This has been kept constantly in mind, but in addition to this and special Bible training, our more advanced pupils should be taught Evidences of Christianity, Church History and Christian Missions. We are living in a progressive age, but there is not enough progress along right lines. Our church members must be able to give a reason for the faith which they profess.

        Where are they going to get this knowledge? A Roman Catholic comes up to one of our young church members one day and says, "Your church is wrong. The Catholic church was the first church organized by Christ, and is therefore the only true church." How is that young member with but little knowedge of the Bible and no knowledge of Church History going to answer him?

        We complain that the great majority of our members give nothing for missions and it is true of others, though we are Missionary Baptists. The same may be true of other denominations, many give, not willingly and cheerfully, but because they are taxed and made to give; but that is not Christian giving. Hence the need of a knowledge of the History of Christian Missions. Where are our church members going to get this knowledge? Not one in a hundred will even attend a school where these sujects are taught. Therefore, our Churches and Sunday Schools should secure cheap books on these subjects and have them taught in the more advanced classes, especially adult classes.

        We trust our pastors and Sunday School workers will lend a helping hand to this great work that is confronting us. We trust that each one will go forth from this Association with one aim, and that is to save our young people belonging to this Association. Every pastor and preacher shouid be interested in his young people. You should realize the claim that your young people have upon you. The parents will be satisfied when they see the grip you have on their children, influencing them to be generous, soul-winning Christians. The church should be interested in their young members. The church should realize the need of wise and sympathetic co-operation in order that the young converts may exercise their power in Christian work as they usually cannot at first, in more formal meeting of the church. There is a sign we want all of our co-workers to hang out, "Young people wanted." That's what we need, young men and women doing active Christian work. Young folks, we need you in our churches and Sunday Schools. Let us each one try to do more for the growth of our Association and our

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Sunday School Convention, and our Institute near James City, N C.

        In conclusion permit me to recommend: That we help our worthy girls who are not able to educate themselves. It has been said that we are doing practically nothing in the way of helping our worthy young boys and girls along educational lines. Let us do more toward helping them.

        I further recommend. That we shall increase the financial fees from fifty-two cents to one dollar per year. That is for the adult, and the young people under age shall pay twenty-five cents. And that the pastors and Sunday School teachers shall see after this collection in their various churches and Sunday Schools.

        In doing this I believe that greater work will be done for our Institute at James City, N C.

        I further recommend, That whereas so many of our young people roving about the streets, up and down the roads, and gathering around the station on Sunday evening. That a young peoples' meeting be instituted in the church where our young people can be given active work and encourage a closer relation between the old and young.

        I further recommend, That whereas we are building a Dormitory near James City, N C., and the building is incomplete. we suggest that there be no school this term, and the money raised will go for the completion of the building.

        I further recommend, That whereas the churches are having trouble every year in electing their pastors, and as it is the custom of some to elect every year, which brings about a political argument among the members, that the Baptist Churches will do away with custom, and shall elect their pastors for an indefinite period. And if the work of the Lord prosper under their labors, well, and if they find after a sufficient trial, that they are not accomplishing good, let them resign. I am asking that this be made constitutional.

        I further recommend, That whereas the Churches have been paying the preachers a special salary, I want to suggest that instead of paying them a special salary, that they be entitled to all the money raised on that day.

        Brethren and Sisters let us go forward with Jesus Christ as our all sufficient leader and do well our part as members of the New Bern Eastern Missionary Baptist Association in the Christian warfare, and the victory is ours.

        I further recommend, That whereas our delegates have been paying fifty cents, suggest that they pay one dollar.

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Of the New Bern Eastern Missionary Baptist Association.

        Article 1. This Association shall be denominated and known as the New Bern Eastern Missionary Baptist Association. Officers to be elected on the last day of the session.

        Art. 2. The object of this Association shall be the promotion of Christ's Kingdom among men; and the means of accomplishing this shall be in strict conformity to the New-Testament.

        Art. 3. This Association shall be composed of Ministers and Delegates chosen by the Churches connected with it, each Church being entitled to two Delegates. The Elders shall pay $5.00, Licentiates $3.00 and Delegates 50 cents when their names are enrolled, the money to be used for the benefit of the Institute only, and that any Delegate or Minister being absent when the roll is called they shall pay a fine of 10 cents, without a lawful excuse. There shall be twelve Trustees appointed who shall make their annual report of the financial condition of the Institute. Each Sabbath School will send a collector to the Association for the Institute.

        Art. 4. The Delegates from each Church shall bear a letter certifying their appointment, and communicating information relative to the state of the Church. The Delegates from each Church shall bear a letter stating the condition of the Church, also number of members that have been excommunicated, number that have been received by letter, number that have been baptized, number deceased, number dismissed by letter, number of males and number of female members, total number of membership, and amount sent to the Association. The Pastor shall see that 52 cents is collected from each member and sent to the Association, 50 cents shall be for the benefit of the Institute and 2 cents to be used for the Association only.

        Art. 5. The officers of this Association shall be a Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Secretary and Corresponding Secretary, Executive Board, Trustee Board and Treasurer, who shall be annually chosen from among its members by ballot or acclamation, a majority of the members voting, and continue in office until their successors are elected. All officers of this Association shall be responsible to this Association for their conduct, and shall report annually to this body. The

Page 25

duty of all of the officers of the Association shall be prescribed by the Association in its Constitution.

        Art. 6. It shall be the duty of the Moderator to enforce an observance of the Constitution, preserve order, appoint committees, decide all questions of order, give his opinion on any question under discussion after others have spoken, and give the casting vote in case of a tie. He shall be ex-officio chairman of all the boards. The duty of the Moderator shall be performed by the Vice-Moderator in the absence of the Moderator. The Vice-Moderator shall assist the Moderator in presiding.

        Art. 7. It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to record the proceedings of each annual session, and to superintend the printing and distribution of the minutes, to receive and take account of all monies sent up by Churches at the Association, turning over the same to the Treasurer. All monies received by the Secretary shall be turned over to the Treasurer of that fund for which it is designated. He shall report to the Association at its annual session the business he transacted in the absence of the body.

        Art. 8. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all funds sent by the churches or collected during the session of this body, and disburse the same as ordered by the Association. He shall also make to the Association an annual report of the condition of the Treasury, and he shall give a bond of security of the same.

        Art. 9, This Association shall appoint an Executive Committee consisting of not less than seven or more than nine members; which committee shall have the superintendence of Association missions and colportage. They shall have power to disburse all sums paid by the Treasurer of the Association for the objects under their charge and during intervals between the meetings of this body to receive and disburse funds for those objects, and to take such steps for their advancement as they shall deem advisable, and shall make an annual report to the Association of their doing. They shall have power to take up all grievances of the Churches and Pastors composing this Association, and call them to trial, and give them a fair and Scriptual trial, and if they fail to hear the advice of the Executive Committee, then they shall pass their judgment upon them, or they may withdraw the right hand of fellowship from them, and refer their charge to the Association. The expenses of the Executive Committee in taking up grievances of the Churches

Page 26

and Pastors shall be paid by the parties concerned as far as possible, and shall not be borne by the Association General Funds, unless in the opinion of the body, the matter was of general interest to the Association.

        Art. 10. This Association shall not maintain fellowship with any of her Churches which neglect to preserve Gospel order, and if any Church patronize with the said Churches that are out of gospel order. this Association shall call them to trial, and if they fail to hear to the Association, this Association shall deal with them according to the 18th Chapter of St Matthew.

        Art. 11. This Association may invite visitors and corresponding brethren to seats, and extend to them all the privileges of the Association except that of voting.

        Art. 12. The annual session of this Association shall commence on Thursday before the 3rd Lord's Day in October, at such place as may be chosen.

        Art. 13. By appointment of this Association there shall be an Introductory Sermon, a Temperance Sermon, an Educational Sermon, a Doctrinal Sermon and a Missionary Sermon. The Introductory Sermon shall be preached the first day at 10:00 o'clock a. m., before organizing.

        Art. 14. This Association shall not fellowship any Church or pastor that shall receive lawfully excommunicated members from any church of the same faith and order, and the pastor of said Church that compose this Association shall give a letter of dismission to any member of their Church or Churches, to unite with any other Church of the same faith and order.

        Art. 15. This Association shall endorse three modes of dismission. 1st. By Letter--A member may receive a letter of commendation or dismission from the Church of which he or she is a member and with the same unite with any other Church of the same faith and order, and when so united he or she is no longer a member of the former Church. 2nd. By Exclusion--When the Church in the exercise of its lawful discipline withdraws the hand of fellowship from any one of its members, he or she is thenceforth no longer a member, and no Church or pastor of this Association shall receive them. 3rd. By Death--The death of a member of course dissolves their connection here on earth.

        Art. 16. This Association recommends to her Churches that the Churches this Association is composed of shall

Page 27

from this date henceforth not elect or ordain any Brother to deaconship that cannot read the Scriptures distinctly. No Church and pastor shall license or ordain any Brother for the Ministry of the Gospel except he can read the Scriptures distinctly.

        Art. 17. The Woman's Association and the Woman's Old Aged Society, working under the auspices of this Association, Resolved, that they be made a part of this Association.

        Art. 18. The Trustee Board shall have the power to enter into articles of agreement with any corporation, individuals or friends for the success of the Atlantic and North Carolina Institute, provided however they shall not deed away the property of the Association without the consent of the body.

        Art. 19. The Executive Committee shall have no power whatever of the Trustee Board, and shall not in any way interfere with it in the discharge of its duty, nor any other general officer of the Association.

        Art. 20. There shall be no money paid out by the Assosiation and Institute Treasurers only by an order drawn by the Secretaries and signed by the Chairmen of each Board, and then endorsed by the Moderator and Secretary of the Association.

        Art. 21. Any Church or Churches who have been granted a letter or letters or petition, to join another or organize another Association, and when that has been done such a Church or Churches are entirely out from under the jurisdiction or watch care of this Association, and before they can have any voice in this Association again, they must bring a petition or letter of recommendation from the Association they joined to this Association to join as though they had never been members of this Association.

        Art. 22. That the incorporators herein named and their associates shall be and remain Trustees for the Institution, until their death, resignation, removal, or until their successors are elected. The incorporators shall be elected by The New Bern Eastern Missionary Baptist Association as follows:--One-third of the members of the Board for a term of two years, one-third of the members of the Board for a term of four years, and one-third of the members of the Board for a term of six years. The annual meeting of the Trustee Board shall be held after each annual sitting of the Association, and the Board shall not have power to change any restrictions put on the Institution by the Association.

Page 28

Rules of Order.

        1. On the meeting of the Association the President of the preceding session shall preside until his successor is made known. In case of his absence the Vice-President fills his seat.

        2. Each session of the Association shall be opened and closed with prayer.

        3. At each daily session the proceedings of the business session shall be read, and the names of the delegates shall be called; and no person speaking shall be interrupted until he is done speaking, unless he is out of order.

        4. The members shall observe towards the officers and each other that courtesy that becomes Christians, and the person speaking shall in no wise reflect on the person who spoke before him, but shall express his idea.

        5. Any member wishing to speak shall rise and address the President. He shall confine himself strictly to the subject under debate and avoid all personalities.

        6. No member shall speak more than twice on the same question without permission from the President.

        7. All motions seconded shall be definitely stated by the President before discussion, and no Brother shall be at liberty to whisper during the time another Brother is speaking.

        8. No motion shall be withdrawn after its discussion. The President shall not interrupt any member or prohipit his speaking until he gives his idea on the subject, unless he violates the rules of the Association.

        9. When a question is under discussion no motion or proposition shall be received except to adjourn, to lay on the table, to amend or postpone indefinitely. which several motions shall have preference in the order in which they are stated.

        10. After a motion is decided, any member having voted in the majority, may move for a reconsideration.

        11. No member shall absent himself during the session of the Association, without permission of the President, and no one shall take final leave of absence without permission from the Association. If any one shall do so, their absence shall be noticed in the minutes.

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        12. All questions except such as relate to the Constitution shall be decided by a majority of votes.

        13. This Association shall have the right to decide what subject shall be admitted to its consideration.

        14. These Rules of order may be altered or amended at any session of the Association by a majority of votes.

Rules of Decorum for the Churches.

        1. We will hold four council meetings in the year for the transaction of business; also special meetings whenever requisite.

        2. The names of members shall be called at every regular meeting, and there shall be due notice taken of the absence of those who evince a disposition to absent themselves.

        3. At every council, the Pastor, in his right of office shall preside as Moderator, and in case of his absence, the council shall appoint a Moderator Pro Tem, who shall open the council with devotional exercises.

        4. The Clerk shall keep a Church book in which all the proceedings of the council shall be faithfully transcribed, and at every regular meeting the minutes of the preceeding meeting shall be read immediately after the names are called.

        5. An invitation shall be given to the Brethren of our faith and order to sit with us in couucil, who shall eujoy all the privileges of the meeting except that of voting.

        6. Every subject for the consideration of the council shall be introduced by a motion, which when seconded shall be debated and acted upon, unless withdrawn by the mover.

        7. Every speaker shall rise and address the Moderator by the appellation of Brother, and continue his remarks to the subject under debate, and shall not be allowed to speak more than twice on one subject, except by permission of the church.

        8. No member shall withdraw from the council without permission from the Moderator.

        9. It shall be required that in all matters of difference between members before complaint is made to the Church, the aggrieved party shall have duly attended to the instructions

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of our Lord's Gospel recorded by St. Matthew, 11th Chapter, 16th, 17th and 18th verses, and public offenses or such as operate against the peace of the Church shall be the subject of discipline.

        10. All questions submitted to the council shall be decided by a majority of votes, except receiving members to fellowship, and any question may be reconsidered upon the motion of any one who voted in the affirmative.

        11. The Moderator shall propound all questions for vote, shall keep the speaker to the subject under debate, may express his own views, after others are done speaking, and see that these rules are faithfully observed.

        12. These Rules of Decorum may be altered or amended by a vote of two-thirds of the whole Church.

        Resolved, That this council recommend the adoption of the foregoing Rules in all the Churches that comprise this body.

Order of Business.

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CHURCHES. CLERKS. DELEGATES. PASTORS. P.O. ADDRESS. Pastor's Salary. Church Extension. Baptized. Rec'd by Letter. Restored. Dis. by Letter. Excommunicated Deceased. Male Members. Female Members Total Members. Amount sent Association Value Church Property. S. S. Schools. S. S. Teachers. State Missions. Foreign Missions Sun. P. Present. Money from S. S. SUPTS.
St Galilee A B Stancil J A Jones C C Gillett Maribel $ 175 00 $___ 9 __ __ __ __ 1 20 30 50 $ 5 00 $1500 00 35 2 $___ $___ 12 $ 1 00 G A Jones
Macedonia H Webb J R Hill I N Eliott New Bern 240 00 ___ __ 4 __ __ __ 2 25 38 68 15 00 1500 00 30 2 ___ ___ 24 ___ M L Dillihunt
Mt Olive Amos Jones C L Creedle S H Barrow Messic 138 00 15 00 8 __ __ __ __ 4 45 60 105 23 00 500 00 50 4 ___ ___ 12 ___ J R Creedle
St Stephens E Moore Jas Jones. J S Moore P Tuton Bonnerton 42 00 ___ __ __ __ __ 1 __ 3 9 12 4 75 ___ ___ __ ___ ___ 12 ___ ___
St John Bertha Janett David Murry J R Respass Washington 156 00 ___ ___ 7 __ __ __ 3 14 25 39 13 00 1800 00 30 4 ___ ___ 12 2 00 Latham Windley
Bethel S P Pender Jos Wood John Murry Edwards 116 00 ___ __ __ __ __ 3 1 52 65 117 20 00 2600 00 ___ __ ___ ___ 12 ___ ___
Jerusalem E Mills Chas Williams _____ Washington ___ ___ __ __ __ __ __ __ 7 23 30 9 38 ___ 12 __ ___ ___ __ 1 50 C W Williams
Mt Sinai B W Best B W Best, W D Best _____ Stonewall 240 00 33 00 6 __ __ __ __ 3 58 70 128 15 00 2500 00 100 5 4 00 ___ 12 ___ B W Best
Mt Tabor Jas Smith Thos Windley W H Pender Beaufort 108 00 300 00 __ 1 __ __ __ 2 20 30 50 10 00 1200 00 48 2 ___ ___ 12 ___ Daniel Benson
St Monica Wm Wiggins N W Smith N W Smith Grimesland 140 00 ___ __ 6 __ __ __ 1 13 23 36 17 00 200 00 58 2 ___ ___ 12 ___ G G Green
St Paul J J Murphy J J Murphy W H Pender New Bern 160 00 ___ __ __ __ __ __ 1 26 40 66 26 25 500 00 35 4 ___ ___ 24 1 50 J L Clark
1st Baptist R H Jones G E Jones R Gaskins Maysville ___ ___ __ 2 __ __ __ __ ___ ___ 32 10 00 1500 00 ___ __ ___ ___ __ ___ G E Jones
St Stephens T T Whitney J O Badger N H Hargett Oriental 180 00 ___ 14 __ __ __ __ 2 38 49 87 11 70 ___ ___ __ ___ ___ 12 ___ W H Borden
Antioch N Crooms J J Windley S H Barrow Bachlor 126 00 500 00 2 2 __ __ __ 1 31 41 72 13 00 1800 00 13 2 ___ ___ 12 ___ Nero Crooms
Spring Garden L Raynor L Raynor F T Thomas Bogue 100 00 ___ __ __ __ __ __ __ ___ ___ 20 10 00 500 00 16 2 ___ ___ __ ___ ___
Clay Bottom J R Parker O J Carter I S Branch Blunt's Creek 125 00 ___ 3 __ 1 __ __ 2 16 42 67 10 27 55 00 2 __ ___ ___ 12 ___ O J Carter
Queen St Katie Chadwick Katie Cnadwick T T Williams Beaufort 350 00 50 00 4 __ __ __ 6 4 19 38 57 12 82 800 00 36 $ ___ ___ 12 ___ Courtney Godett
St Hooker M A Moore R Little E S Gibbs Edwards 98 00 50 00 3 __ __ __ __ 3 8 18 26 13 00 1000 00 ___ __ ___ 28 00 12 ___ ___
St Peter A Rodman A Rodman R Murry Royal 138 00 ___ __ __ 5 __ __ __ 14 26 40 4 00 600 00 23 __ ___ ___ 12 ___ A Rodman
St Luke M Richardson P Foy Wm Anderson Riverdale 108 00 ___ 6 __ __ __ 1 __ 14 26 40 20 80 1000 00 50 3 ___ ___ 12 1 00 P Fay
St Luke W W Gibbs W W Gibbs P Tuton Edwards 120 00 ___ __ 2 __ __ 2 12 10 22 300 3 00 350 00 50 __ ___ ___ 12 ___ William W. Gibbs
Pine Grove L Watson W Rodman R Murry Edwards 84 00 300 00 __ __ __ __ __ __ 5 8 13 4 00 500 00 ___ __ ___ ___ __ ___ ___
St Annor L M Moore R F Moore E S Gibbs Blunt's Creek 108 00 ___ 3 __ __ __ __ __ 12 20 32 16 32 ___ ___ __ ___ ___ 12 ___ ___
Bethel C C Green _____ W M Anderson Merritts 144 00 ___ 5 1 __ __ __ __ ___ ___ ___ 5 52 ___ ___ __ ___ ___ 12 ___ J D Daves
Maple Crove J C Hargrove H Gay P Tuton Blunt's Creek 96 00 ___ __ 1 __ __ 1 1 18 43 61 17 00 500 00 ___ 8 ___ ___ 12 2 00 Nellie Gay
Mt Pilgrim Obelia Joyner H James W Green New Port 125 00 ___ __ __ __ __ __ 3 10 10 20 10 40 700 00 37 3 9 00 38 00 12 ___ Obelia Joyner
Mt Zion Jos Wright O Lee S Barrow Arapahoe 125 00 25 00 3 __ __ __ __ 2 20 30 56 14 43 1000 00 30 3 ___ ___ 12 ___ G W Lee
St Peter C Smith _____ J J Grantham Vandemere 130 00 ___ __ __ __ __ __ 1 10 17 27 13 29 1000 00 ___ __ ___ ___ 12 ___ ___
Health Chapel Jos Daniels S Heath R Gaskins Vanceboro 120 00 ___ __ 4 __ __ __ __ 12 13 25 5 00 1000 00 14 2 ___ ___ 12 ___ Shade Heath
Bethel R Whitehead W H Jackson T T Williams Riverdale 212 00 160 00 3 1 __ __ 1 1 44 66 110 32 72 1000 00 60 4 ___ 2 40 12 ___ J T Henderson
Pilgrim Chapel Ellis Keys A Hargett T M Gaskill Oriental 230 00 ___ __ __ __ __ __ 2 35 68 103 23 52 2500 00 65 4 ___ ___ 26 ___ Marshall Keys
St John S Rodman C Smallwood E S Gibbs Aurora 135 00 150 00 __ __ __ __ __ __ 20 28 48 24 96 1500 00 55 4 6 00 ___ 13 ___ Wm Ebrom
Green Hill R G Cormon S W Sanders, T G Creedle C C Gillett Bayboro 180 00 25 00 4 __ __ __ 1 4 40 60 100 15 00 2500 00 75 3 6 00 6 00 12 ___ S W Sanders
Antioch J T York, Jr J T York, Jr A Griffins Riverdale 50 00 ___ __ __ 2 __ 1 __ 22 33 55 15 00 800 00 40 3 ___ ___ 52 ___ J T York
Mt Olive Carie Jordan _____ John Murry Edwards ___ ___ __ __ __ __ __ __ 4 9 13 5 20 ___ ___ __ ___ ___ __ ___ ___
St Luke Amos Dudley Alex Dudley A H Dudley Moorehead City 600 00 10 00 __ 2 __ 1 __ 7 38 65 106 51 00 4000 00 70 3 7 50 20 00 24 ___ W H Brown
Mt Shiloah W F Sawyer M F Sawyer, R R Davis C C Gillett James City 420 00 ___ 9 1 __ 1 __ 2 33 115 148 20 00 3600 00 80 6 15 00 3 00 __ ___ M F Sawyer
Pilgrim Chapel _____ _____ J H Crow James City ___ ___ __ __ __ __ __ __ ___ ___ ___ 50 00 ___ ___ __ ___ ___ __ ___ W M Moore
Star of Zion A T Moore G T Rasberry. M B Spruell M B Spruell New Born 816 00 400 00 6 3 __ 3 __ 5 175 250 425 80 00 5000 00 160 8 ___ ___ 48 ___ G T Rasberry
St John Thos Hines S F Faison, W F Bell W H A Stallings New Bern 480 00 300 00 46 __ __ 1 __ 8 100 211 311 80 00 6500 00 150 9 20 ___ 29 1 00 S F Faison

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Antioch Jesse Crooms ____ Eliza Jones $5 00 Bachlor
Mt. Tabor James Smith ___ A.E. Nolen 5 00 Beaufort
1st Baptist Lela Duncans ____ Phebe Duncans 2 50 Maysville
St. Hooker Susan Harts Minnie Hemby ___ 3 00 Edwards
Antioch Rebena York John York Zilpha Coleman 3 00 Riverdale
Pilgrim Chapel James Barrow E. Keys, S.J. Keys Edith Keys 17 50 Oriental
St. Luke Louise Bryant ___ Mary E. Stilley 3 50 Edwards
Bethel Henrietta Moore ____ Mary E. Stilley 8 50 Edwards
Bethel Rebecca Whitehead Rebec Whitehead, Carrie Fisher Carrie Fisher 14 00 Riverdale
St. Luke Amos Dudley Della Hill, C. Dudley Della Hill 48 95 Morehead City
St. Galilee Alice Mann ____ Mary A. Mann _____ Maribel
St. Stephens Millie Moore Channie Carter Sallie E. Acklin 1 00 Bonnerton
Macedonia Katie Hill ____ Ada Chapman 5 00 New Bern
St. Paul Alvania Hill S.J. Hill, Clara Hill Clara Hill 8 00 New Bern
Mt. Pilgrim Obelia Joyner M.C. Everett Obelia Joyner 9 25 New Port


Graded Organization Chart