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RAFT Assignment

To complete a RAFT Assignment you are expected to write from the point of view of a historical character. It is important that you include historically accurate details to help the reader better understand your character, write clearly, strive for creativity, and pay attention to the format.

Answer the following to help you plan your writing:

R-ole: Which role from the historical past will you play?

A-udience:Who will you be writing to? [This relates to the format below and you have many choices. You could write to yourself in a diary entry, the public in a speech or newspaper article, a loved one in a letter or poem, etc.]

F-ormat:What type of format or writing style will you use? (Remember you can write a song, newspaper article, journal entry, letter, public speech, or poem.)

T-opic:What important event will you be writing about? [Think about the most significant times in your character's life.]

You may include an illustration that you draw or paste into the document.

RAFT Rubric
  10 5 0
Content Exhibits knowledge of the history, includes important facts and information. Exhibits some knowledge of the material. No historical facts included or major historical inaccuracies.
Writing Technique Uses proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Some mistakes. Displays a lack of attention for rules of formal writing.
Creativity Displays originality, creativity and thoughtfulness. Some attempts at creativity. Predictable, little creativity.
Presentation Neat, easy to read, interesting graphics. Neat, but lacks artistic flair. Messy or no illustration.