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Land of Milk and Honey Relocated or Not (Lesson 3)

Using primary sources students will read about the establishment of the city of New Bern, North Carolina. The students will also use maps to draw conclusions about what was read.

Grade Level 4th grade

Learning outcomes

Students will:

Teacher Planning

30 minutes

NC Colonial records vol. 4 pg 157 (A Description of the Grant of Land)

Current Map of North Carolina

Early map of North Carolina

Explain to students in order for people to settle land in colonies they needed to ask permission. Swiss settlers (from Lesson 1 and 2) came to Carolina and wanted to settle a piece of land, but they had asked for one piece of land and then changed their minds. We are going to be detectives and figure out if they got to move their settlement.

In order to be detectives we have to think about what we know. What do we know about the settlers who came from Bern Switzerland? We know they settled the city that is known as New Bern.

We also have the letter they wrote asking for permission to move their settlement to a different place. We need to read it carefully for more clues. (The clues are they want to settle between Cape Fear River and Roanoke river instead of the Neuse river.)

How can we figure out if they got permission to settle somewhere else? Allow children to brainstorm how to figure it out. Guide them is necessary to think about using a map. Keep review the clues. Give each child a copy of a map, an example can be found at the above internet link. Using highlighters allow children to highlight each of the rivers. Be sure and tell them if they figure it out to not share the secret. Help children locate New Bern on the map.

After children have located the rivers and New Bern ask them to write whether they think the settlers got permission to move their settlement or not. They have to provide reasons / evidence for their answers. (Student should realize that the Swiss were not given permission to move because New Bern is located on the Neuse river.)

NC curriculum alignment

Social Studies
2.02 Trace the growth and development of immigration to North Carolina, over time from Europe, Asia, and Latin America

Language Arts
3.05 Analyze and integrate information from one or more sources to expand understanding of text including graphs, charts, and/or maps.

Lesson plan created by Lara Willox