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The Teacher's ToolKit: An Overview

This toolkit is intended to provide teachers the necessary tools to access and incorporate the primary source documents that make up the Documenting the American South collection. Keeping in mind that many of the documents contained in this digital library are lengthy and acknowledging the lack of time that is a major reality for teachers in public schools, teaching materials and lesson plans are included in this toolkit. Teachers are recommended to adapt the resources to the individual needs of their classrooms and students.

Tools for Using DocSouth

Activities using Primary Sources

Lesson Plan Titles and Descriptions

Selected Additional Resources for Teachers
Craver, Kathleen W. (1999). Using Internet primary sources to teach critical thinking skills in history. Westport, CT: Greenwoood Press.
According to Craver, there are four steps for "ensuring a successful document-based unit. Take into account 1) the type of activity, 2) the site where you are going to hold the activity, 3) the time allotted for completing it, and 4) how you plan to evaluate it" (p. 27).

Veccia, S.H.(2004). Uncovering our history: Teaching with Primary Sources. Chicago: American Library Association