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Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina
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  • Monument Name

    Eve Carson Memorial Butterfly Bench, UNC (Chapel Hill)

  • Type


  • Subjects


  • Creator

    Cricket Forge, Sculptor

  • City

    Chapel Hill

  • County


  • Description

    The bench is made of steel and painted Carolina blue. It is in the shape of a butterfly with cut-out wing detail and measures approximately 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide. A brass plaque on the bench dedicates it to the memory of Eve Carson. It was donated to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill a few days after her death.

  • Inscription


  • Custodian

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Campus YMCA

  • Dedication Date

    March 10, 2008

  • Decade


  • Geographic Coordinates

    35.911760 , -79.051410 View in Geobrowsemap pin

  • Supporting Sources

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  • Public Site


  • Materials & Techniques

    The bench is made of ¼ inch steel with a two part epoxy base paint. The plaque dedicating the bench to Miss Carson is made of brass.

  • Sponsors

    Anonymous donation

  • Monument Cost

    Prices for similar benches range from $1,500 to $4,700.

  • Subject Notes

    The bench was donated in memory of Eve Carson, UNC student body president, who was murdered on March 5, 2008.

  • Controversies

    The bench appeared in the days and weeks after Carson’s death as an anonymous donation. Such items are not usually allowed to remain, but Chancellor James Moeser said the bench would stay.

  • Location

    The bench sits in front of the UNC Campus YMCA on Polk Place, located near the Eve Marie Carson Garden. It is also next to the YMCA’s painted billboard cubes, which were used at the time and continue to be used (as of 2012) as a place for students to write memories and reflections about Eve Carson.

  • Post Dedication Use

    The bench is sometimes decorated with flowers and other memorial tokens by students and members of the community.

    The bench is one of three memorial's to Eve Carson. A plaque in the UNC arboretum and a memorial garden a few yards away from the original butterfly bench also pay tribute to her.

  • Materials & Assembly Cost

    Cricket Forge has sold the bench since 1999, but details about the purchase of this particular bench are unknown. The company sells the bench as a commemorative item. According to the company, the butterfly is “a symbol of hope and renewal.”

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