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Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina
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  • Monument Name

    Greensboro Four Monument, Greensboro

  • Type


  • Subjects

    Historic African American Figures

    Historic Protest Figures

    Educational Institutions

    African American Monuments

  • Creator

    James Barnhill, Sculptor

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  • Description

    This monument provides a larger-than-life portrayal of Jibreel Khazan (then known as Ezell Blair Jr.), Franklin McCain, Joseph McNeil and David Richmond, four NC A&T students who became known as the “Greensboro Four” for their sit-in at Woolworth's department store in 1960. The figures are depicted walking out of Woolworth's after their protest. Located in front of NC A&T’s Dudley Building, the statue took more than 6,000 pounds of clay to create and stands fifteen feet tall. NC A&T Chancellor James Renick proposed the idea in 2001.

  • Inscription

    Under each figure, names from left to right: David Richmond | Franklin McCain | Ezell Blair Jr. (Jibreel Khazan) | Joseph McNeil

    Front: FEBRUARY 1 / These four A&T Freshmen envisioned and carried out the lunch counter sit-in / of February 1, 1960 in downtown Greensboro. Their courageous act against / social injustice inspired similar progress across the nation and is remembered as / a defining moment in the struggle for civil rights.

  • Custodian

    North Carolina A&T

  • Dedication Date

    February 1, 2002

  • Decade


  • Geographic Coordinates

    36.074760 , -79.777610 View in Geobrowsemap pin

  • Supporting Sources

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  • Materials & Techniques


  • Sponsors

    NC A&T, Chancellor James Renick

  • Nickname

    Also known as the “February One Monument”

  • Subject Notes

    The “Greensboro Four” were four NC A&T freshmen who sat down at the lunch counter of Woolworth’s department store on February 1, 1960. Woolworth’s at that time was “standing-only” for African Americans. Their sit-in helped launch a wave of similar demonstrations across the country.

  • Location

    Located in front of Dudley Memorial Building on A&T campus, at 1601 E. Market Street Greensboro, NC 27411.

  • Landscape

    The memorial stands on a raised island-shape green lawn on University Circle.

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