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Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina
Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina
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  • Monument Name

    Halifax and Northampton Counties Confederate Monument, Weldon

  • Type

    Common Soldier Statue

  • Subjects

    Civil War, 1861-1865

  • Creator

    Suffolk Marble Works, VA, Builder

  • City


  • County


  • Description

    The monument is 27 feet tall and depicts a common soldier standing contrapposto atop a square column holding the barrel end his rifle. The butt of the rifle rests near the soldier's right foot. The soldier is dressed in a typical Confederate uniform, including a brimmed hat.

    The column is unadorned for most of its length, but features a base, shaft, and capital. The base consists of a granite plinth topped with two tiers of molding. The shaft of the column features two types of granite – the lower section of the column is a darker granite while the upper section is lighter in color. A plaque is located on one face of the lower half of the column. A sculpted molding located slightly below the mid-point of the column separates the two types of granite. The column is capped with a stepped cornice capital that the soldier rests upon.

    Images: Confederate Monument at its original location before it was moved in 1934

  • Inscription



  • Custodian

    Cedarwood Cemetery

  • Dedication Date

    September 17, 1908

  • Decade


  • Geographic Coordinates

    36.420450 , -77.598430 View in Geobrowsemap pin

  • Supporting Sources

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  • Public Site


  • Materials & Techniques


  • Sponsors

    United Daughters of the Confederacy, Junius Daniel Chapter

  • Monument Cost


  • Monument Dedication and Unveiling

    A procession which included a corps of Confederate veterans (Company K, 3rd Infantry) began at 1:30 pm. Miss Esther Ransom unveiled the monument. Col. Robert E. Lee, Jr., the grandson of General Robert E. Lee, delivered the principal address, and the Third Regiment band played music. Col. W. H. S. Burgwyn presided as master of ceremonies. Dr. A. R. Zollicoffer presented the monument with 3,000 people in attendance.

  • Subject Notes

    The Junius Daniel Chapter worked towards the establishment of the monument from the inception of the chapter.

    Junius Daniel, a native of Halifax County, was a brigadier general in the Confederate Army. He died in 1864 at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House.

  • Location

    The monument stands at the entrance of Cedarwood Cemetery, at the intersection of Cedar St. & E. 9th St., Weldon, NC.

  • Landscape

    An alley of tall shady trees serves as a backdrop to the memorial. The area is mainly residential.

  • Relocated


  • Former Locations

    The monument was originally located at the intersection of Washington Ave. and Fifth St., facing north. It was moved to its present location on July 19, 1934 to make way for a paving project by the State Highway and Public Works Commission.

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