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Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina
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  • Monument Name

    Battle of Rockfish Memorial, Wallace

  • Type


  • Subjects

    Other Wars

    Veterans of Multiple Wars

    Revolutionary War, 1775-1783

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  • County


  • Description

    This sandstone obelisk stands four feet tall and was created in honor of those who fought in war between 1776 and 1976. It is named specifically for the soldiers who fought in the Battle of Rockfish on August 2, 1781 during the Revolutionary War.

  • Inscription

    (Front) ROCKFISH MEMORIAL / 1776 1976


  • Custodian

    Daughters of the American Revolution - Rockfish Chapter

  • Dedication Date

    January 1, 1976

  • Decade


  • Geographic Coordinates

    34.720040 , -77.980380 View in Geobrowsemap pin

  • Supporting Sources

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  • Sponsors

    The Wayne Jordans and Dulan Murray

  • Subject Notes

    General Cornwallis and his troops marched through Duplin County on their way to Virginia and defeated the Duplin militia on August 2, 1781 one mile south of Wallace, NC. The British forces had captured Wilmington and its port earlier that year and used their command to capture Whigs and Loyalists. Major Craig, who led the British force, issued a proclamation for the surrounding counties which stated that all men were British subjects and muse enroll in the Loyalist militia. Men who did not enroll would have their property taken away.

    Major Craig attacked the Duplin militia at Rockfish Creek and many patriots were taken prisoner while others fled. Although Major Craig and his British forces were victorious, they were forced to retreat when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown.

  • Location

    The monument is located just north of the intersection of North Carolina Highway 11 and Wastetreatment Plant Road in Wallace, North Carolina. Its associated North Carolina Historical marker can be seen from NC Highway 11 just north of the intersection.

  • Landscape

    The monument is set off from the main road and stands in a large grass area enclosed by a wooden fence.

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