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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Instructions to Samuel Stephens concerning land grants in Albemarle County
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
May 01, 1668
Volume 01, Pages 175-176

[Records of Perquimans County. Book A. No. 66.]

George Duke of Albemarle Master of his Majesties Horse, Edward Earle of Clarendon, William Earle of Craven, John Lord Berkley Anthony Lord Ashley Chancel of the Exchequer, Sir George Carteret Vice Chamberlain of his Majesty's household, Sir William Berkley Knight, & Sr. Peter Colleton Baronet, the true and absolute Lords Proprietors of all the Province of Carolina. To our trusty and well beloved Samuel Stephens Esqr Governor of our County of Albemarle, & the Isles and Inlets within ten Leagues thereof, and to our trusty and well beloved, our Counsellors, and adjustants to our said Governor, Greeting.—Whereas we have received a petition from the Grand Assembly of the County of Albemarle praying that the Inhabitants of the said County may hold their Lands upon the same terms, and conditions that the Inhabitants of Virginia hold theirs. And for as much as the said County doth border upon Virginia, and is much of the same nature; we are content, and do grant, that the Inhabitants of said County do hold their lands of us the Lords Proprietors upon the same terms and conditions that the Inhabitants of. Virginia hold theirs.—Werefore be it known

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unto all men by these presents, that we the said Lords and absolute Proprietors of the County within the Province aforesaid, have given, granted, and by these presents do give and grant full Power and Authority unto you our said Govenor by and with the Consent of our Councel, or the major part thereof, or to any Govenor for the time being or that shall hereafter be by us appointed, full power and authority, by and with the consent of our Councel then being, or the major part thereof, to convey, and grant such proportions of Land, as by our Instructions and Consessions annexed to our Commission, bearing date in October, Anno Domini 1667. We have appointed to such persons as shall come into our said County to plant, or inhabit; To be held of us, our heirs and assigns upon the same terms, and Conditions that land is at this present usually granted in Virginia; anything in our Instructions and Concessions aforesaid, to the Contrary not withstanding.—And we do hereby declare & consent that the warrant to the Surveyor for the laying out of said Land, and the Return thereof being Registered and also the grant of you our said Govenor, & Counsel, or Govenor and Counsel that shall be when such Land is due, having the Seal of the County affixed to it, and signed by your self, and Major part of our Counsel, for the time being, being Registered, shall be good and effectual in law for the enjoyment of the said Land, or Plantation, and all the benefits and profits of, and in the same; (Except one half of all Gold & Silver mines) to the party to whom it is granted his heirs and assigns forever, he or they performing the Conditions aforesaid, Given under our hands and great seal of our Province, this first day of May, Anno Domini 1668. Albemarle, Craven, John Berkley, Ashley, Carteret, P. Colliton.