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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Commission to appoint John Archdale as Governor of North Carolina and South Carolina
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
August 31, 1694
Volume 01, Pages 389-390

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 4. P. 17.]

William Earle of Craven Palatine John Earle of Bath. Anthony Lord Ashley George Lord Carteret Sr John Colleton Barrt Seth Sothell Tho. Archdale and Thomas Amy Esqrs the true and absolute Lords and Proprietors of ye Province of Carolina

To our Trusty and Wellbeloved John Archdale Esqr Governor of South and North Carolina

Wee ye said true and absolute Lords and Proprietors of ye Province aforesaid reposeing speciall trust and confidence in ye Courage Loyalty & prudence of you ye sd John Archdale do hereby constitute and apoint you during our pleasure Governour of our whole province of Carolina And you are to doe and execute all things in due maner & forme that shall belong to your comand or ye trust wee have repos'd in you according to ye severall powers granted you by this prsent Comission Wee doe hereby further Impower constitute and apoint you our sd Governour to be Admirall Capt Generall and Comander in chief of all ye forces raised or to be raised both by sea and Land within our sd province and over them to apoint a Lieutenant Generall or Lieutenant Generalls Vice Admirall or Vice Admiralls both of South and North Carolina and Wee doe hereby farther Impower you upon all occasions during yor abode in America to

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constitute a Deputy or Deputy Governors both in South & North Carolina during yor pleasure and to constitute and apoint all and singular offices in and for the Governmt of our sd province during yor pleasure and yt pleasure of vs ye Lords proprietors Wee doe hereby Impower you at your departure from Carolina to England to apoint & constitute a Deputy Governour or Deputy Governors both in South and North Carolina with such powers onely as have been given by vs to ye present Governour Thomas Smith Wee do farther give you full power and authority with ye advice and consent of any three or more of our Deputys to grant and sell land in fee reserving twelve pence for one hundred acres per annum as an aknowledgement and to settle ye quitt rents by Patents or Indentures and by such a methode as you our Governour with any three or more of our Deputys shall think fitt soe as when money cannot be had a true value may be settled in ye best of such Comoditys as ye Countrey is capable of producing Wee doe farther Impower you to escheat Land and afterwards to lett it for rent or sell ye same And wee do hereby farther Impower you our sd Governour by and with ye advice and consent of our Councell and Generall Assembly of Our Province or any part thereof wherein there is a distinct Governmt to alter any former Laws that shall be thought fitt to be changed and to enact all such reasonable laws and Statutes for ye better Govermt of our sd Proce as you wth ye advice and consent of our Councell and Generall Assembly shall think expedient provided ye sd Laws be not contrary to ye powers granted to vs in our Charter from ye Crowne and as nere as possibly agreeable to ye fundamentall Constitutions excepting in what relates to Jurys wherein wee have already given directions And wee doe hereby Repeale and make voyd all other Comissions given by vs to former Governors of our sd province Given vnder our hands and ye great Seale of our province this 31o of Augt 1694

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