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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Henderson Walker to Francis Nicholson
Walker, Henderson, ca. 1659-1704
July 28, 1699
Volume 01, Pages 511-512

-------------------- page 511 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Va. B. T. Vol. 8. D. 55.]

North Carolina July 28th 1699.

May it please Yor Excellency

The continual sickness of the Honble Thomas Harvey Esq late Deputy Governor of which he dyed on the 3rd of this instant letted him from returning yor Excellcy an Answer to yor last Now these are to assure yor Excellency yt ye Councill acknowledges yor Excellcy's Kindness in putting forward ye business of ye bounds between ye Governments and yt we shall not faile to give ye Lords Proprietors a full account of it and of ye state wherein ye business stands And further we crave leave to represent to yor Excellcy a very great hardship that hath been lately put upon an Officer of this Governt in Princess Ann County by one Maclenahan of yt place the ground thereof from the beginning was this. Some years ago ye said Maclenahan came into this governt and commenced suit against one Fullwood and process was issued out and return made but upon what motives we know not he waived his suit here and obtained an attachment from a Magistrate in ye abovesd County and procured ye Under Sherrif to come to Crow Island in this Governmt and attach ye goods and chattels of ye said Fullwood and complaint hereof being made to a Magistrate in this Government ye Deputy Marshall Wm. Bray was commanded to rescue the goods being within the jurisdiction of this Government which he accordingly did and took into custody ye Deputy Sherrif till he gave bond for his appearance &c wch bond was readily discharged upon application made to this Government by Capt. Cork ye high Sherif of Princess Ann County And it was upon this occasion that Sr Edmund Andros raised the dispute about ye bounds of ye Governts which we hope your Excelcy will see happily ended Now ye sd Wm. Bray makes complaint but yt being lately in ye abovesd County he was arrested at ye suit of ye sd Maclenahan for ye rescue he made within ye jurisdiction of this governmt and by command of ye same as aforesd and was compelled to find surety for his appearance there to answer I therefore with ye advice of ye Council do offer this matter to your Excelcy's consideration hoping yt your Excelcy will grant him relief and not suffer ye Officer to be damnified by doing an Act yt he was lawfully commanded within or Governmt to doe I have nothing further to add not in ye least questioning yor Excelcy's favour herein saving yt all endeavours possible shall be

-------------------- page 512 --------------------
used to mentain an amicable correspondence between ye two governments by

Yor Excellency's
most humble and
obedient Servant

I am further informed that some of ye Magistrates of Princess Ann County seem to discourse in those parts as if we had no further than a copy of ye Patent and yt it was no confirmac̄on which we believe causes this breach I desire if yr Excelcy pleases to signify to ye sd Magistrates what yr Excelcy hath seen of ye patent yt there may be no further trouble

I cannot but return my acknowledgmts for yr Excelcy's great favours to me when I was last in yor government and am heartily glad to hear yt yor Excelcy's noble designs for ye good of yt Country go on so successfully for I am well satisfyed in my own thoughts that Virginia in after ages will be bound to return thanks to ye Allmighty for those generous designs of wch you have been ye only promoter

If any thing in these parts may be serviceable be pleased to lay yor com̄ands wch shall be assuredly obeyed by