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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Order by the Virginia Governor's Council concerning the North Carolina/Virginia boundary
Virginia. Council
October 22, 1706
Volume 01, Pages 646-647

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Va. 58.]
The Honoble the President of the Council.

Whereas Information is given to this Board that the Surveyor of North Carolina doth not only lay out and Survey Diverse Tracts of Land within the bounds of the Colony but also that he is now about Runing and Dividing Lines between the Government and Carolina beginning at the mouth of Nottoaway River far within the Known bounds of this Colony without any notice given to this Government of his proceedings And that Capt Joshua Wynne of Prince Georges County and severall others Inhabitants of this Colony have gone out as is Supposed) on pretence of takeing up Land with the said Surveyor

-------------------- page 647 --------------------

It is Ordered that Collo Benja Harrison do as soon as may be give Directions to such persons as he shall think fitt to go out and stop the said Surveyor from proceeding any further in Runing the said bounds or Surveying any Lands on this side of Weyanook Creek the Reputed bounds of this Colony and for the better discovery of the place where the said Surveyor is at present employed It is further ordered that the above named Capt Joshua Wynne or such other person as Capt Harrison shall Discover to have been last out with the said Surveyor be summoned and Required to attend the Gent to be appointed for stopping the said Surveyor and to Conduct them to the place where he is.