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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Edmund Jenings to William Glover
Jenings, Edmund, 1659-1727
October 26, 1706
Volume 01, Pages 647-648

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Virginia. 58.]

Virginia October 26th 1707. [6?]


The frequent complaints made to the late Governor of this Colony and to the Councel since his death, of encroachment made by the Officers of yor Government on the Inhabitants here, have induced us to think of some measures for ascertaining the boundarys between us and having lately received Information of some aged men who have been long Inhabitants in the southern parts of This Colony and may thereby be presumed to be well acquainted with the bounds of both Governments the Council have appointed Commrs to take the Examinations of those persons upon Oath. who will meet in order thereto at the House of Henry Plumpton in Nansimond County on the last Thursday of November and at Mr Thomas Busby at Prince Georges County on the first Tuesday of December next and as nothing more is intended by this Examination than that the true bounds may be discovered in order to prevent Dispute for the future I am to give you Notice hereof that if you think proper you may appoint some Gentleman to be present on the behalf of the proprietors. After which this Government will lay the whole matter before the Right Honble her Majestys principal Secry of State and Lords Commrs for trade for further Signification of her Majtys pleasure therein in the meantime as nothing will be acted on the part of this Government prejudicial to the propriety of Carolina so we expect the like candour and fairness from you and that any your Officers may not be permitted to disturb any that

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hold Lands by Virginia patents, nor your Surveyors to run pretended Dividing lines or make Surveys in the contraverted bounds until the said bounds be by her Majtys Directions and the mutual agreement of both Governments finally adjusted and settled

Yr most humble servant