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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Vestry of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct
St. Paul's Parish (Chowan Precinct)
April 18, 1708
Volume 01, Pages 678-679

[From the Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct.]

At a Vestry at the Chappel the 18th Day of April 1708.
Wm Duckenfield Esqr
John Ardern Esqr
Capt Thomas Luten
Mr Nichl Crisp
John Blount Esqr
Mr Edward Smithwick
Mr Wm Banbury
Mr Nathl Chevin.

Mr Nathl Chevin being now removing out of this precinct and it being debated who shall serve instead of him

Agreed that Thomas Garrett Esqr shall succeed in the Room and stead of Nathaniel Chevin.

Also it being debated who shall succeed in the room and place of Capt Thomas Blount deceed—

Resolved that Edward Mosely Esqr shall succeed in the vestry in the place of Capt Thomas Blount.

It is also voted who shall succeed as a vestry man in the place of Col William Wilkinson.

It is agreed that Wm Charlton Esqr shall succeed as a vestry man in the place and stead of Col Wm Wilkinson.

And accordingly Thomas Garret and Wm Charlton Esqrs took their places in the Vestry.

Richard Booth having had an allowance of three pounds per annum for maintaining an Orphan Child of Stephen Besson's comes here and assumes to keep and maintain the child without any further charge.

This Day William Duckenfield Esqr and Mr Edward Smithwick made up their accounts in the time of their being Church Wardens and upon adjusting their accounts it appears that there is due Mr Duckenfield from the Vestry the sum of
And Mr Smithwick stands indebted to the Vestry
Ordered that Mr Smithwick pay the same to Wm Duckenfield Esqr and then there will be due to him from the Vestry
John Blount Esqr and Nath1 Cheven this day producing their acct of the public accounts. Upon adjusting the accounts there appears to be due to the public the sum of

Ordered that Mr Crisp be paid for the use of his canoe. two shillings and six pence per Nathl Chevin.

So the account stands thus.

John Blount and Nathl Chevin. Church Wardens. stands Debtors to the public for the years 1706 & 1707
By Mr Crisp
By Mr Moseley
By Mr Duckenfield

Ordered that Phillis Dicks. widow of John Dicks. be paid by the publick the sum of two pounds besides what he hath been allowed and paid by the publick for his work on the Chapel.

On the petition of William Walston shewing that Elenor Kirkham was accommodated at the petitioner's Eighteen days. being sick and impotent and there died and was buried at the petitioners charge having no Estate prays allowance. &c.

And he presenting no account

Ordered that he appear at the next Vestry and present his account.

On petition of Madam Mary Blount for accommodating a poor, indigent man named Thomas Wright at her house, in his sickness one Week, whereof he died and was buried at her charge, prays allowance.

Orded that she be paid by the public forty shillings

Ordered that the Honoble Col. Thomas Pollock and John Ardern Esqr shall be Church-Wardens for the Year ensuing.

Ordered that Mr. Nicholas Crisp agree with to officiate as a Reader in the Chapel for Nine pound pr. Annum to execute in that Office and also as Clerk of the Vestry, and Mr. Nichl Crisp doth promise to give notice to the Inhabitants of the time when he shall begin upon that Employment.