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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Vestry of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct
St. Paul's Parish (Chowan Precinct)
July 25, 1708
Volume 01, Pages 684-685

[From the Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct.]

At a Meeting of the Vestry holden at the Chapell on Sunday the 25th of July 1708.
Edward Mosely Esqr
William Duckfield Esqr
Capt Thomas Luton
Mr Nicholas Crisp
Mr Edward Smithwick
Mr William Banbury
Mr William Charlton
John Ardern. Esqr

Whereas the Reverend Mr William Gordon is speedily designed for England hath therefore recommended unto this precinct for a reader Mr Charles Griffin of whom he renders a good character, the said Mr Griffin being likewise made known to some Gentlemen of the Vestry.

Its unanimously approved of to accept of the said Mr Griffin for our Reader in Mr Gordon's absence, and to allow for his officiating as such and performing the Office of a Clerk to the Vestry twenty pounds per annum to be paid by the publick.

Whereas it had been taken into our mature Consideration the many and great inconveniences which attend the Chappell which is already built both in Respect of its ill situation. Smallness and rough and unfit workmanship

We therefore to shew our true zeal for the Glory of God and propogating so good a work do unanimously agree that a church of forty feet long and twenty four wide fourteen feet from Tenant to Tenant for hight. the remaining part of the work to be proportionable: the roof to be first plankt and then shingled with good Cypress Shingles, and the whole to be ceiled with plank, and floored with plank, for the speedy accomplishment of which said work its the Earnest Request of the present members of the Vestry that Edward Mosely Esqr and Capt Thomas Leuten will undertake to see the same performed, they living convenient and to agree with Workmen at as easy Rates as may be. It being well and substantially performed.

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There appearing to this Board that Eight pounds are due to the Rev Mr Wm Gordon for officiating as a Minister in this precinct.

Ordered that the said Eight pounds be paid to the Revd Mr Gordon or his order by the public