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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of a meeting of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
April 28, 1709
Volume 01, Page 707

[B. P. R. O. N. C. B. T. 7. P. 17.]

Craven House Aprill the 28th 1709.
His Grace the Duke of Beaufort for himself and the Palatin
The Honble Maurice Ashley Esqre
Sr John Colleton Barrt
John Danson Esqre

Mr Mitchells Proposals in the name of some of the Swiss Cantons of Bern were read and it was then agreed that 10,000 Acres of Land on or betwixt News or Cape Fear or their branches in North Carolina should be set out for the Proposers and their Heirs they paying to the Lords Proprietors £10 purchase money for every thousand acres and 5 shillings yearly as a quitt rent for each thousand acres to the Lords Proprietors and their Heirs forever.

Agreed further that 100,000 Acres be reserved to the proposers for 12 years during which term no other person shall purchase any of the same, which said 100000 Acres are to be set out by the Surveyor General and may be purchased by any of the Proposers at the rate above mentioned during the term of seven years but after that time is expired they are to pay according to the custome of that part of the Province

And lastly that one of their number be made a Landgrave he paying for 5000 Acres the usuall purchase money for each 1000 acres the customary quit rent for every 100 acres to the Lords Proprietors for the same.