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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
March 10, 1715
Volume 02, Pages 170-173

[Council Journal.]

North Carolina—ss
Att a councill holden at ye house Capt Richard Sanderson at Little River on Thursday the 10th day of Mar 1714/15
Present the Honble Charles Eden Esqr Govr Capt Genll and Admll
The Honble Thos Pollock Esq Ld proptr Dupety
The Honble Nath Chevin Esq Ld proptr Dupety
The Honble Chr Gale Esq Ld proptr Dupety
The Honble ffra ffoster Esq Ld proptr Dupety
The Honble T Knight Esq Ld proptr Dupety
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The Honble Coll Thos Pollock being this day appointed Deputy to his Grace the Duke of Beaufort tooke and subscribed the severall Oathes by Law appointed to be taken for his qualification—

Upon Petition of Richard Swinson setting forth that one Robert ffendall being lawfully Seized and possessed of a Certain parcell of Land in ye forke of Kendrinks Creek by entry and survey sold ye same to one Wm Browne who Impowered one Isaac Wilson to dispose of ye same of whome he ye said Swinson bought the same for a valluable Consideration of Eighteen pounds six shillings as he can make appeare by rects for ye same undr ye hand of the said Wilson But so it was that ye Platt of the afsd Land being in ye Keeping & Custody of Jno Lillington was burnt at pamplicough in ye Massacre 1711 Since which one Wm ffryly intending ye utter ruin of ye said Petitionr (who hath allready lost most of his stock Corne & Moveable goods by Incursions of ye Enemy Indyans) hath entered and Survey'd the same Land and gives out that ye right of ye afsd Land is in him and that he will take out pattent for ye same in his owne name and further sitting forth that his great poverty and age render him incapable of subsisting if he should lose his land Such Sinister practices of ye said ffylye humbly prays that ye survey of ye said ffylye may be set aside Seeing it is of latter date then the Said Survey lost in ye massacre and that he may have ye liberty of surveying & pattenting the same &c And the said ffryly appeareing and ye matter being Debated on both side and duely Considered of by this Board.

It is ordered that ye afsd survey of ffryly be sett aside and that ye Surveyr Genll doe returne ye same in ye said Swinson name

Upon Petition of divers of the Inhabitants on ye Sound side in Chowan precinct therein setting forth that ye Road from Doctr Urmston's to Yawpim being Cleared out ye Sound side was very prejudiciall to their plantations and pray's the same may be Cleared backwards in ye woods,

Ordered that the road backwards in the woods be from henceforward deemed and taken for ye horse road and not on ye sound side from ye sd Mr Urmstons downe to Yawpim

Upon Petition of the Hatterass Indyans praying Some Small reliefe from ye Country for their services being reduced to great poverty

Ordered that they have 16 bushels Corne for their present supply out of the Publick Store.

Ordered that King Blount have one hundred bushells of Indyan Corne out of the Publick Store for ye support of him and his Indyans in regard of their services being reduced by the Same.

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Upon Petition of Jno Bernard Chenywolfe showing that one Robert Williams formerly survyd a tract of Land Conteyning 190 acres in ye forke of Greens Creek in Nuse and soone after dyed leaving noe Heyrs in this Governmt but before his Death was knowne a pattent Came out of the Secty Office and Coll Thos Cary who was then Govr & Receiver Genll for ye Lds proptr haveing the sd pattent in his owne hands Sold ye same Land to one Thos Yates who sold the same to Chenywolfe now in regard the said Yates actually and Bona fide paid the Purchase Money and Qt Rents for ye same Land and ye pattent being altered into ye said Yates's Name by the said Cary he pray's that the Said Record may be altered agreeable with the Said Pattent which is granted

Upon Petition of the Porteskyte Indyans showing that the Inhabitants of Corratuck Banks have & doe hinder ye Said Indyans from hunting there and threaten them to breake their guns and that they Cannot subsist without the liberty of hunting on those their usuall grounds.

Whereupon it is hereby ordered that ye said Indyans from henceforward have Liberty to hunt on any of the said Banks land that noe Englishman presume to disturbe them thereon without application made to this Board.

Upon Petition of George Bell setting forth that he had two servts bound to him by the precinct Court of Craven in ye month of July 1712/13 namely Charles Coggdaile and George Coggdaile as by Indenture may appeare. And further that ye Court afsd have pretended to sett ye said Servt at Liberty as he is informed by reason that they could not perfectly read and write when as the time of their servitude is not half expired And he further claimes that during the time they were with him they were well used and much time allowed them to perfect them in their reading and writeing and that he intended to Instruct them in ye building of Vessells Therefore prays that in regard there is no other allegation made appeare agt him they may remain wth him till ye time in the Indenture Specifyed be expired &c And the matter being considered by this board

It is ordered that the said Charles and George Coggdaile do remain with their said Master pursuant to their former Indts notwithstanding any order of the Precinct Court unless sufficient Cause be Shown to this Board to ye Contrary

Upon a Caveat entered by James Blount agt a Pattent goeing out for a peace of Land lately surveyed by Henry Bonner in Mattamousket Creek and a motion thereon made alledging that the said survey does interfere wth a former Survey belonging to ye said James Blount It is

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ordered by this board that Coll Willm Maule and Coll Edward Moseley doe Make a tryall of both ye said Surveys and report the speciall matter to this board by ye last of July next.

Mr. Emanuel Low prefering a petition to this board agt Mathew Midgett therein setting forth that ye said Midgett had feloniously broke open his store house in the time when the Honble Edwd Hyde was Govr here and had take thereout a quantity of Rum & Sugar &c and pray's ye Govr warrt to appehend him therefore and it appearing to this board that ye What ye said Midgett did in that regard was done by ye authority of the Government and that ye Said Low has been considered & satisfyed for ye same. Therefore It is the opinion of this board that ye Same Petition is altogether Scandolous Infamous Seditious and false And therefore it is ordered that ye Same be & is hereby rejected as Such.