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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
November 23, 1715
Volume 02, Pages 204-205

-------------------- page 204 --------------------
[Council Journal.]

North Carolina ss.
Att a Council holden at ye house of Captn Richard Sanderson in Little River on Wensday the 23d day of Novembr Anno Dom 1715
Present the Honble Charles Eden Esqr Governor Captn Genll & Admll
The Honble Nath Chevin Esqr Lds proprietors Depty
The Honble Wm Reed Esqr Lds proprietors Depty
The Honble Chr Gale Esqr Lds proprietors Depty
The Honble Fras Foster Esqr Lds proprietors Depty
The Honble T. Knight Esqr Lds proprietors Depty

Upon Petition of Jonathan Seares Setting forth that a Tract of Land Lying between Meherring River & Creek was formerly Granted by Pattent to Tredle Keeffe is Laps'd for want of setting in Due time and prays the same may be granted to him

Ordered that the same be granted as pray'd for

Upon Petition of Divers of the Inhabitants of Bath County praying a Longer time for the payment of Security of their moneys due for the purchase of yr Lands It is

Ordered that no more Laps pattents be granted out of ye Office untill the Twenty Fifth day of June next and that a proclamac̄on do Issue out to give Notice to ye Inhabitants of that County thereof

The Honble the Governor haveing Laid before this board Some proposals agreed to between himselfe and Governr Spotswood relating towards Settling the Boundaryes between both Governments It is the Opinion of this board that ye same is for ye Interest of this Governmt and ye Proprirs and therefore is highly approved of and this Board doe Request the Governr to signe ye same as soon as may be

Upon Petition of ye Porteskill Indians Setting forth that they had Sold Some small Tracts of yt Land to Mr John Jones Isaac Jones & Captn Richard Sanderson & also ye Lightwood on ye Land to Captn Sanderson and prays that they may have liberty To Confirm their Titles to ye same Land and Lightwood

Ordered that the said Indians are hereby impowered to make good and sufficient Titles to ye aforesaid John Jones Isaac Jones and Richard Sanderson for Such Lands and Lightwood as they have alreadie sold to them provided ye said Lands nor any part thereof doe come within ye Line or Boundaries of ye Land formerly sold by the said Indians to Coll Wm Reed and also that they on no pretence whatsoever doe sell or dispose of any more of their Lands nor that any person presume to Bargain Contract or agree wth the said Indians for any more Lands without Leave

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first had and obtained from this Board for so doing and provided alwayes that the said Indians have free Liberty to hunt on any of the said Lands so sold as aforesaid without any molestac̄on of ye said John Jones Isaac Jones Captn Sanderson or their Heires or assignes