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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Alured Popple to William Lowndes, including documents concerning George Burrington's bond and instructions as Governor of North Carolina
Popple, Alured, 1699-1744
March 21, 1723
Volume 02, Pages 480-482

[B. P. R. O. Proprieties. B. T. Vol. 31. P. 276.]


His Majesty having been pleased by his Order in Council of the 26th of February last to declare his royal allowance and approbation of George Burrington Esqre to be Deputy Governor of North Carolina in America provided that the usual security be first given and thereupon to direct my Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations to take care that such security be given accordingly. And the said George Burrington Esqre having signified to their Lordships that Nicolas Vincent of Truro in the County of Cornwall and Dennis Bond of Grange in the County of Dorset Esquires are willing to be sureties as requir'd for the said George Burrington in the Penalty of one thousand pounds sterling as has been done in the like cases their Lordships approving of the Persons above

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mentioned for sureties in this Case, do command me to send you the inclosed Draught of a Bond that the Right Honble the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury may please to give the necessary Directions that the said security be accordingly taken at the Exchequer or elsewhere as their Lordships shall think fit.

My Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations observing that the Deputy Governors have not regarded that Instruction which directs them to give Bond to His Majesty that they will not during their continuance in their Government trade as merchants for themselves or as Factor for others in any Goods &c have therefore thought fit to insert this Instruction in the Bond inclosed, and directed me to acquaint you therewith for the Information of the Lords of his Majesty's Treasury.

I am Sir Your most humble Servant

March 21st 1722/23.

Noverint Universi per Præsentes Nos Nic. Vincent de Truro in Com: Cornwall et Dennis Bond de Grange in Com: Dorset Armigr teneri & firmiter obligari serenissimo Principe et Duo Pro Georgio Dei Gratia Magna Britan Fran & Hibern Regi Fidei Defensor in Mille Libris bonæ & legalis Monet Magnæ Britannia solvend eidem Duō Regi Hæredibus vel Successoribus suis ad quam quidem Solutionem benè et fideliter faciend obligamus Nos Hæredes Executores & Administratores nostros firmiter per Præsentes, Sigillis nostris sigillat Dat Die

Anno Regni dicti

Domini nostris Georgii Regis Nono &c.
Annoz Domini 1723.

Whereas George Burrington of the County of Devon Esqre has been duly nominated constituted and appointed Governor of his Majtys Province of North Carolina in America, Now the condition of this obligation is such that if he the said George Burrington shall from time to time and at all time hereafter so long as he shall continue Governor of the said Province observe perform and obey all such directions and Instructions which he hath now given to him, or as shall at any time be sent to him from his Majesty his Heirs and Successors or from any Person or Persons now acting or that hereafter shall act by the authority of his Majesty his Heirs or Successors and pursuant to or for the due putting in execution the several Acts of Trade relateing to the Plantations viz:

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N. B. Here were inserted all the Acts in Mr Uring's Bond supra folo 260. to which was added according to its proper Date the following Act vizt

An Act for laying further duties upon sweets and for lessening the

Duties as well upon vinegar as upon certain low wines and whale

Tins and the duties upon Brandy imported &c

And all other Acts of Parliament now in force or that hereafter shall be made relating to the Plantation Trade and do not during his continuance in that Government trade as a Merchant for himself or as a factor or Agent for any other Person or Persons in any goods wares or Merchandizes nor be concerned as owner or part owner of any trading ship or vessel whatsoever, and shall do and performe all such matters and things as the Governors of His Majesty's Plantations by any Act of Parliament made or to be made shall be obliged or enjoined to do and performe and shall before his entring on his said Government take the Oaths enjoined to be taken by the Governors or Commanders in Chief of other His Majesty's Colonys and Plantations before their entring on their respective Governmts as directed by the Act of the seventh year of the late King William, That then this Obligation to be void or else to remain in full force and vertue.