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Letter from the Lords Proprietors of Carolina to the North Carolina Governor's Council and General Assembly
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
June 03, 1723
Volume 02, Pages 489-490

[B. P. R. O. B. T. No. Carolina. Vol. 6. P. 65.]

To the Council and Assembly of North Carolina.


We have received the News of the Death of Mr Eden Our late Govr of North Carolina, whose Loss we heartily lament, But That no Care might be wanting on our part for promoting the Good and Welfare of Our Province We have as soon as we conveniently could sent over to you Mr George Burrington to be our Governor of Our said Province during Our Pleasure, He is a Gentleman, whose Inclinations to our Service and his hearty Desires for the Improvemt of the Province we are fully convinced of: We do thereforefore desire you to pay him all due Obedience as the Acts of your Assemblies and Our Charter under the Great Seal of England do require you.

We have also appointed some New Commissiond Officers (as you will see by their several and respective Commissions and Instructions) who we earnestly recommend to your Care and Friendship that by your mutual Assistance of each other, Justice may be more duly administer'd and the Trade of our Province may be augmented and increased.

We think it highly necessary for the good of the Province that you wou'd in your Assemblies consider of the best and most proper Method for improving the Manufactures and Trade of the Country and in Order

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to that that you wou'd settle a Commerce with the Indians for their Deer Skins for we doubt not but by a fair and just dealing with them you may be assisted with such Quantity of their Skins that you may be able to supply such Vessels as shall arrive among you with their Loading, the Want of which and the tedious Delay the Merchants are put to, as we are informed upon that Account, is a great Hinderance and Obstruction to the Trade of the Province

We earnestly recommend to you the care of the Fishery, the carrying on of which must be not only a great Improvement of Trade but will also cause a great Number of Inhabitants to come into the Province and settle among you. We have upon this Account granted a Lease of the Whale Fishery to Our Govr and two others who have applyed to us for the same reserving only the tenths of the Products to Our Use. We hope therefore you will jointly with us give all due Encouragement to these two Branches of Trade and we doubt not but with your Assistance we shall in a little time be enabled to put North Carolina in as flourishing a Condition as any of his Majesty's Colonies in America.


We received an address from you transmitted some time since to us by Our late Govr Mr Eden wherein you signify'd to Us your great Dislike to the Rebellious and Tumultuous Proceedings of several of the Inhabitants of South Carolina, and your constant and steady Adherence to Our Government and the present constitutions We take this Opportunity of returning you Our thanks for your Dutifull and Loyall Address We think it proper to inform you that we have taken into our Consideration several of the Laws sent over to Us by Mr Eden, and some others lately transmitted to us by Mr Lovick Our Secretary, We do assure you we will in a very short time send you Our Opinion in relation to those Laws, and we shall likewise consider your Request for the opening the Land Office, and shall send your Our Opinion thereupon by the first Opportunity

We shall be always ready to do you what Friendly Offices may be in Our Power, So we bid you heartily farewell, and are

Your very loving Friends

June the 3d 1723.