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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Commission to appoint John Dunston as Naval Officer for North Carolina, including related instructions
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
June 03, 1723
Volume 02, Pages 497-499

-------------------- page 497 --------------------

His Excellency John Lord Cartiret Palatin and the rest of the true and absolute Lords Proprietors of the Province of Carlina in America

To John Dunston Esqr Greeting.

We out of the trust and Confidence we have & repose in your care prudence and ability have made constituted and appointed and by these presents do make constitute and appoint you the said John Dunston to be naval officer of that part of our Province of Carolina that lyes North and East of Cape Fear hereby requiring and Impowering you to take Entrys of all ships and Vessell Inward bound to or outward bound from that part of our said province of Carolina and we do hereby give and grant to you the said John Dunston our full power and authority use and Exercise the said office of Naval officer and to receive take and enjoy all Benifitts advantages fees perquisites and profits belonging to the said office and which have been usually taken and received by other naval officers in any of his Majesties Colonies in America so as such perquisites or Proffits be not by us the said Lords Proprietors otherwise given or disposed of and we do further by these presents Constitute order and appoint you the said John Dunston to be reciever of the Tenth of our fishery and to give acquitances & other discharges in our names for such Tenths that you shall receive for us by Virtue of these presents To have and to hold the said several Offices of Naval Officer & receiver of the Tenths of our fishery during our pleasure together with all ffees perquisitts & Proffitts to the offices belonging or appertaining Given at St James's under our hands and the Great seal of our Province this third day of June Anno Dom 1723


Recorded Decemr the 11 1723

By order

His Excellency John Lord Carteret Palatin and the rest of the true and Absolute Lords Proprietors of our Province of Carolina in America

Instructions for John Dunston Esqr

1st You are upon your arrival in our Province to take the Oath appointed by act of Parliament instead of those of Alligince & Supremacy & the

-------------------- page 498 --------------------
Test & the Oath of ffidelity to the Lords Proprietors & an Oath for the due Execution of your office

2d Our will is that you take Entries of all Ships or Vessells Inward bound or outward bound from our said Province of Carolina that you take an account of their Lading their Bottom (if Brittish or no) what men navigated withal and all other matters required to be done of Naval Officers by the several acts of Parliament relateing to trade & navigation

3d You are to obey all such Instruction and directions as you Shall at any time receive Either from us or from the Commissrs of his Majestys Customs in London or from any other person or persons now acting or that shall hereafter act by his Majestys authority perrsuant to or for the better putting in Execution the Several acts relating to the Plantation

4th And as to such sums of money as you shall recieve for the Tenths at the Fishery it is our will and direction that after you have passed your accounts with the Governr & Council you transmit the same to us according to such directions and Orders as you shall from time to time recieve from us and we do hereby authorize you to deduct and defaulk the sume of Ten pounds for every hundred pounds which shall be Collected and received by you

5th You are diligently to take care & observe that in all matters relating to your own Conduct in Execution of your said offices that you duly observe and govern your self by the Laws relating to trade and Navigation perticularly mentioned and referred to in our Governrs Instruction which will be recorded in our Secretary Office & to which you may at any time have access

6th You are to have your accounts stated and audited once every three months by the Governor and Council of our said province who are from time to time to transmitt the same to our Secretary in London with whome you are to correspond in respect to any matters you shall want our Instructions in the Execution of your sd Office

7th You are Twice in every year to transmitt your Entries of Ships or Vessells to his Majestys Commissionr of the Customs in London the forme of which you may find in the Custom house or upon record in our said Province and you are at the same time to transmitt to our Secretary in London Copys of such Entries & accounts as you send to the Commissionrs of the Custom

-------------------- page 499 --------------------

Given at St James under our hands and seals this third day of June Anno Dom 1723


Recorded the 11th day of Decemr 1723

By order