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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Commission to appoint Roger Moore et al. as Assistant Justices of North Carolina
Burrington, George, 1680-1759
October 18, 1732
Volume 03, Pages 493-494

North Carolina—ss.

His Excellency George Burrington Esqre His Majesty's Captain General and Governor in Chief of said Province

To Roger Moore. John Worley William Owen Mackrora Scarborough & William Badham Esqre Greeting

By Virtue of his Majesties Commission appointing me Captain General and Governor in Chief of the said Province of North Carolina with

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full Power and Authority to commissionate and appoint all Officers Civil and Military within the same and being com̄anded by his Majesties Royall Instructions to choose Persons of good abilities for Assistant Justices and Magistrates in the said Province.

Out of the assurance I have of the Loyalty Integrity and good abilities of you the said Roger Moore John Worley William Owen Mackrora Scarborough and William Badham I do by these Presents by and with the advice and consent of His Majesties Council appoint commissionate and assign you the said Roger Moore John Worley William Owen Mackrora Scarborough and William Badham Esqrs during pleasure to be assistant Justices of the General Court of said Province which Court you or any one of you together with the Chief Justice of said Province are hereby impowered to hold at such times and places as are or shall be appointed for the same with full power and authority to hold plea hear and determine after the due form of Law all causes Civil Real Personal and mixt or of other kind whatsoever whether Pleas of the Crown or betwixt Party and Party or any matter or thing whatsoever arising or happening within the said Province to be there heard done and determined. And generally to act and do whatsoever to the Duty and Office of Assistant Justices of the Said Court doth or may belong with as full and ample Power as any Assistant Justices or associates of said court have held used and enjoyed in all things proceeding after the Laws customes and usuages of this Government and as near as may be according to the Laws and Customs of Great Britain. And if the said Chief Justice at any time by sickness or any other accident be absent or hindered from setting you or any Two of you are hereby impowered to hold said Court and to do and perform whatsoever is there to be heard done or determined with full power also to any one member of said Court from time to time to adjourn the same. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the Province to be hereunto affixed at the Council Chamber in Edenton the Eighteenth day of October in the Sixth year of His Majesties reign Anno: Dom: 1732.

By order of the Governor and Council.
R. Forster, Depty Secy