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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Memorial from inhabitants of Switzerland concerning their proposed settlement in Carolina
No Author
Volume 04, Page 18

-------------------- page 18 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Am: & W. Ind: No. 592.]

Memorial of the Swiss to be Carried over to Carolina

May it please your Excellency.

We have been informed by a little Boock printed in Bern that the King of England wants Maun that are brought up to country Buissiness and know to improove Land and make Butter and Cheese, in the Royal Province of Carolina wich as wee heard is a land flowing with milck and Honey, wee think ourselves happy to bekome the Subjects of so great and generous a King and usefull to the most charitable Nations under Heaven.

Wee have sold our small Substance in our native country and meight have paid our expences But as wee were instead of fourteen days, fourteen Weeks upon the Rhine where the Armees have made all things scarce wee have laid out all our money and must now beg your Excellency to recommend us and our wives and children to the Kings bounty that he may send us to that blessed Country in the Two Boathes commandet by Captain Thomson, who has been so good to the Saltzburgers while our Captain has been so hard to us and wee shall for ever pray that God may bless the King and his good people

To his Excellency My Lord Harrington one of his Majesty's Principall Secretaries of State London.