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Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to Arthur Dobbs
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
June 11, 1756
Volume 05, Pages 584-585

[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 2. p. 442.]
Governor Dinwiddie to Governor Dobbs.

June 11th, 1756.


Having the Opp'ty of Colo. Innes, I c'd not shun enquiring after y'r Health. We are very barren of News from Brittain. My last was early in Apr., w'n it was said L'd Loudon, with the Forces, w'd be ready to embark soon for N. York, and I daily expect to hear of his Arrival there. I have no L'rs of late from the No'w'd. I hear Gen'l Shirley is at Albany, but do not know the No. of Forces he has with him, or whether he will go on Action before the Arrival of L'd Loudon. We have been harrass'd this Spring with Flying Parties of the Enemy, w'ch obliged me to raise the Militia of 10 Counties for the Protection of our Frontiers. The Banditti march'd over the Mountains, but still continue to disturb the frontiers with small Parties, watch'g their Opp'ty in surpris'g the unwary Settlers; but I referr You to the Bearer, who can be particular in these Affairs. We are in great want of good Officers, Engineer and Artillery, that I think we are in a bad Situation, and am afraid they will reinforce Fort Duquesne from Mississippi, and from that Fort continue their Depredations against these Colonies, and our People are so distardly that I cannot raise in them a martial Spirit, or raise Men sufficient

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to augment our Regim't to 1,500 Men. The Assembly have voted a further Sum of £60,000 for H. M'y's Service, but that will not do without men to protect our frontiers. I am still apprehensive the Cherokees are not sincere and steady to our Interest, tho' they have enter'd into a Treaty with Us. Copy thereof I herein enclose you. I have reason to think the Gov'r of So. Carolina has acted under-hand w'th these People, and, as I am inform'd, prevent'd 40 of the Catawbas coming in to our Assistance, and the Cherokees that were here are return'd to their Nation w'th Promises of Aiding Us w'th 400 of their War'rs; but I suspect their Sincerity, tho' they left this well pleas'd with their Treatm't and Presents; but I hear some of their young Men robb'd some of our back setlers on their journey home. I have sent Maj'r Lewis, a Person well acquaint'd with the Woods, w'th 60 Men, most of them Artificers, w'th Tools and Provisions for assisting to build a Fort in the upper Cherokee County, and I am inform'd Mr. Glen goes with a No. of Men for that Service; however, I shall be glad to hear of Mr. Littleton's Arrival. Mr. Glen sent me a Present of 60 of the Neutrals, w'ch I by no means w'd allow to be landed. We have sent all those that were import'd here to G. Britain at the expence of £5,000. From Georgia and So. Carolina they had several Vessels given them, and they are coasting along to the No'ward, no Doubt intending for Nova Scotia. 10 Vessells w'th these People were seen off our Capes, but I have given Orders to prevent their Landing here, and must think was not well judg'd to give them the Opp'ty of seeing the Inlets on our Coast, and probably may land at proper Places, rob and murder our People, and if they reach Nova Scotia will, in Course, be more inveterate Enemies; therefore, I think it more eligible to send them home. I shall be glad to hear of Y'r Health, &c. We all join in true Respects to you and nephew. I always am,

Y'r Ex's most h'ble serv't.