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Letter from Arthur Dobbs to William Pitt, Earl of Chatham
Dobbs, Arthur, 1689-1765
October 31, 1759
Volume 06, Pages 64-65

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind. Vol. 72.]

Sir, [Secretary Pitt]

Having the Opportunity of a Vessel's sailing from hence for London, and having wrote to you of the Situation we are in in Expectation of an Indian War by the Insolence of the Cherokees lately from hence and the attempt to assassinate Mr. Atkins his Majesty's Agent, I think it my Duty to acquaint you that Mr. Atkins was only wounded, and the Creeks secured the Indian who made the Stroke, so that we don't apprehend any Danger from the Creeks.

The lower Cherokees have since sent down a Deputation to Charlestown to endeavour to accommodate Matters, but as the upper Towns who committed the Murders and are still making Inroads have made no Overtures; I have this day, by Express from Govr Lyttelton, who proceeds to Virginia, an Account that he had ordered the Troops &c to march the 24th to the Frontier, and he was to follow in a few days desiring that I would send Orders for our Provincials and Militia to co-operate with him, which I have ordered, and if Matters can be accommodated upon the Frontier, and they give up the Murderers or put them to Death, he will then settle Matters, if not proceed against them with Vigour.

When he wrote he had not the Account of our glorious Success and Reduction of Quebec, tho with the Loss of brave Genl Wolfe, upon which I sincerely and heartily congratulate you, as also upon the glorious Victory over the French in Germany, which secures to his Majesty the Possession of his Conquests in America; upon this Success I expect the Cherokees must submit and give us Satisfaction.

The glorious and remarkable Interposition of divine Providence against such superior Numbers will I hope induce his Majesty, by your active and intrepid Administration with the Unanimity of the Ministry and Parliament to pursue his Conquests until the French be expelled from this Continent and Mississippi and Mobile, to which we have a prior Right, and which is absolutely necessary for the Peace and Safety of these Colonies to be put in his Majesty's

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Possession, and also the Sugar Islands which will effectually ruin the French Marine, and give future Peace to Britain. Upon Account of such glorious Success I have appointed a Day of solemn Thanksgiving, and upon this happy Event and important Crisis have composed a Hymn to be sung that day through this Province, which I beg leave to send to you, as being at present conformable to all the Prophecies according to my Interpretation of them at this happy Era 1760.—for during the whole War I have been a little Enthusiastic in my Expections; as the Object of my Wishes for near these 30 years in regard to the British Dominion over North America is now so near its Accomplishment.

I beg pardon, Sir, for thus trespassing upon your Patience and Time, but my heart is so full of Joy that I must give it vent and wish that you may long enjoy the Effects which your Zeal and intrepid active Administration has procured to the true Protestant Church and Liberties of Britain to the endless Glory of his Majesty and his illustrious Family.

I am with great Respect Sir &c

31st Octr 1759.

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: This letter enclosed a hymn and was enclosed in another letter from Dobbs - See Related Documents.