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Letter from Arthur Dobbs to William Pitt, Earl of Chatham
Dobbs, Arthur, 1689-1765
January 21, 1760
Volume 06, Pages 220-221

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind. Vol. 72.]

21 January 1760
Letter from Governor Dobbs.

Sir, [Secretary Pitt.]

I have no Letters to acknowledge since my Letters of October the 14 and 31st duplicates of which I inclose with this, as I am informed a Vessel which carried the first was lost.

I herewith inclose to you a Copy of the Treaty Govr Lyttelton made with the Cherokees, in which he has obtained great honour by his heading the Troops and obtaining Satisfaction & a confirm'd

-------------------- page 221 --------------------
Peace without Blood; the few Provincials I sent and Militia were upon their March, but had not joined him before he concluded the Treaty, he having sent an Express to stop them; but am sorry to inform you of the dastardliness of our Militia, for of 500 who were drafted and ordered upon that Service they all deserted except about 80, which is entirely owing to their want of Education & Instruction, for want of schools and a pious Clergy to inspire them with Christian Principles; However the Name of our joining them made the Cherokees sensible that the 3 Provinces wou'd join against them, which with the glorious Conquest of Quebec brought them to reason.

I have also by this Conveyance sent you a congratulatory Address from the Council and Assembly of this Province to his Majesty upon the glorious success of our Arms, and our strong hopes that the Conquest of Mississippi and Mobile wou'd follow the Conquest of Canada which can only secure the future peace of these Southern Provinces, which will prevent any future American Wars with the French, and upon opening the Hudson Bay Trade will give us the whole Trade of the Northern Continent to Mexico—As we can spare now many Troops from New York, the Conquest will be easy, and may either follow or preceede the Conquest of the remaining Sugar Islands in one Campaign, as Providence assists us and our Troops are flushed with Success upon the vigorous Measures you have inspired in supporting the protestant Church and Cause of Liberty. I hope to live to see the Edict of Nantes restored, and to set about the Civilizing and converting the Natives of this great Continent upon a confirmed Peace, and that His Majesty may die the greatest Prince in Europe.

I am with true Regard Sir & c

21st Janry 1760.

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