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Revocation of the power of attorney for Joshua Bodley to act for John Carteret, Earl Granville
Child, Thomas, fl. 1745-1767
August 15, 1760
Volume 06, Pages 310-312

[From MSS. Records in Office of the Secretary of State.]

To all to whom these Presents shall come I Thomas Child Esqr late of the Parish of St James—Westminister in the Kingdom of Great Britain but now of the Parish of St Paul in the County of Chowan in the Province of North Carolina in America send Greeting.

Whereas the right Honorable John Earl Granville Viscount Carteret and Baron Carteret of Hawns in the County of Bedford in the said Kingdom of Great Britain Lord President of His Majesty's Most Honble Privy Council and Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter The Sole Lord and Proprietor of a Certain District Territory or Parcel of Land lying in said Province of North Carolina Did in and by a Certain Instrument in Writing & under His Hand & Seal of Arms bearing Date the first Day of September One thousand Seven Hundred and fifty Six duly proved before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of the City of London Make Constitute & Appoint Joshua Bodley together with Francis Corbin Esqr His Agents Commissioners & Attorneys jointly or Severally in Case of the Death or Absence of the other from the said Province to Execute all and every the Powers and Authorities particularly referred to in a Certain Letter of Attorney before them given by the said Earl to the said Francis Corbin and Benjamin Wheatley which is in the said first mentioned Instrument Expressly recited and referred to All which said Powers were particularly comprized or set forth in a Sett of General Instructions dated the Sixteenth Day of January One Thousand Seven Hundred and fifty two Under such Regulations Directions or Restrictions however as the said Earl might there after from time to time judge proper to give them And Whereas the said Earl in and by a certain other Instrument in Writing under his Hand & Seal of Arms bearing Date the tenth Day of April One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Nine duly proved before The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of the City of London and afterwards recorded in the Secretary's Office in the said Province Did Make Constitute and Appoint me the said Thomas Child Auditor of

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his said District, and of his Revenues arising within the same And also of the Receipts Disbursements, Charges and proceedings of His Agents and of the Receivers & Collectors of his said Revenues and of the Accounts and Proceedings of all other Officers and Persons whatsoever appertaining or relating to His Lordship's Office at Edenton in the said Province or to his Estate or Interest in the same With full Power & Authority to me from time to time to Audit their said Accounts and proceedings And for the said Purposes from time to time to Oblige all and Singular such Officers and Persons on pain of being immediately suspended or removed from their respective Offices by me the said Thomas Child to Transmit or Produce to me every half year at least or oftener on demand fair Accounts of their Respective Receipts Disbursements Charges and Proceedings in Order to their being Audited by me as aforesaid And further with full Power and Authority to me the said Thomas Child to do and Exercise all other Acts whatsoever which might be requisite and Necessary whether by Process in Law or Equity or by the aforementioned Means of Removal or Suspension for effecting the said Purposes or enforcing a due and constant Execution of His Lordships Orders and Instructions relating to the Transactions of his said Affairs. Now Know Ye that I the said Thomas Child for that the said Joshua Bodley hath under Colour of the Powers and Authorities so given to him by the said Earl as aforesaid behaved himself greatly to the prejudice and Hindrance of his Lordship's Interests and contrary to the general Trust and Confidence in him by the said first recited Commission reposed and particularly for that the said Joshua Bodley hath wilfully transgressed the said Earls Instructions and declined to come to any determinate or final Account and Settlement for his particular receipts Disbursements, Charges & Proceedings made under Colour of the same as well as for divers other good Causes & Considerations relating to the said Earls Interests to and the Punctual Execution of his said Orders and Instructions in future Have in Virtue of the said Powers so delegated to me by the said Earl as aforementioned removed and by these presents do utterly remove the said Joshua Bodley from his said Office of Agent to the said Earl Hereby also revoking and Countermanding and making void the said recited Letter of Attorney to him the said Joshua Bodley made by the said Earl as aforesaid in so much thereof as personally relates to him the said Joshua Bodley Together with all Powers and Authorities to the said Joshua Bodley in and by any other Paper Writing Instruction or Order of the said Earl heretofore granted or given
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and all things therein or in any or either of them contained And I do also on the said Earl's behalf hereby protest against disclaim and make void all Acts Matters and proceedings which shall or may henceforth be acted done or performed or be Attempted to be done by the said Joshua Bodley under pretence of the said Earls late Commission Instructions Orders or Directions to him Given as aforesaid in any Manner Mode or form whatsoever—

In witness whereof I the said Thomas Child have hereunto set my Hand and Seal the Fifteenth Day of August in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty—

Sealed and Delivered In the
Presence of
J. Craven
Tho Jones
Richd Vigers

Shown and Explained to Mr. Bodley the 16th August 1760 by us
Richd Vigers
Tho Jones