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Letter from Arthur Dobbs to Charles Wyndham, Earl of Egremont
Dobbs, Arthur, 1689-1765
April 30, 1762
Volume 06, Pages 712-713

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind. Vol. 214.]
Governor Dobbs to Secretary Lord Egremont

Brunswick 30 April 1762.

My Lord,

I have only to acknowledge since my last your Lordship's requisitional letter of the 12th of December which I recd the 15th inst. after the Meeting of the Assembly which I had appointed to meet upon Sir J. Amherst's letter of the 9th of February acquainting me that your letter was upon the way.

It is with the greatest concern that I am obliged to inform your Lordship of the obstinacy and disregard the lower House of Assembly have shown by denying the aid His Majesty required and the resentment which I was obliged to show by dissolving them after repeated solicitations and short prorogations to reconsider and reflect upon their proceedings and to show the several steps I had taken I have inclosed with this the several speeches addresses and answers and their last pitiful resolution of giving a handful of men with very indifferent appointments as our currency is near 200 for 100 Sterling and would not give Bounty Money to raise the recruits desired. I therefore immediately upon the dissolution summoned the Council who unanimously concurred with me, that the men allowed were not sufficient to defend the Forts and that it would be necessary for His Majesty's service that I should augment the garrisons by completing them to 65 men upon which I have added a Captain and Ensign to the Garrisons and added 15 more men so as to make the garrison of Fort Johnston 40 men too few for a Fort which holds our only Magazine and 30 Guns 18 and 12 Pounders besides Swivels they also thought it would be of service to raise the quota of recruits demanded. As we have no fund to pay these except the money lodged in our Agents hands in London paid by His Majesty from the Treasury by order of Parliamt and that regularly cant be drawn for but by the Governor Council and Assembly and the Assembly having been called upon to apply it having neglected the same upon the concurrence of the Council that it would

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be expedient to raise the recruits and complete the Company to garrison the Forts I have advanced my own money to expedite the raising the recruits and men for the Forts not doubting but my Bills will be paid by the Agents though their obligations to the Lords of the Treasury be not fully complied with and if any objection should be made to it I hope for Your Lordship's approbation of my doing it for His Majesty's service and the safety of the Province.

I hope you will see by the papers inclosed that I have done my utmost for His Maj. service and the safety of the American Colonies and acquisitions.

If the recommendation of the Members of Council for the American Colonies be within your appointment and dont continue in the Board of Trade as we have three Vacancies in the Council I beg leave to recommend William Dry, Robert Palmer and Hugh Waddell Esqrs as proper persons to fill up the Vacancies.

I am My Lord, &c.,

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: This letter was enclosed with another letter from Dobbs - See Related Documents.