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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Commission to appoint Benjamin Heron as Deputy Surveyor and Auditor of North Carolina
Cholmondeley, Robert, fl. 1804
March 15, 1762
Volume 06, Pages 731-732

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

To all Christian People to whom these Presents Shall come the Honourable & Reverend Robert Cholmondeley Surveyor and Auditor General of all his majesties Revenues arising [in] America Sendeth Greeting Whereas his late Majesty by his Letters patent Under the Great Seal of Great Britain bearing date the twentieth day of November in the twenty fifth year of his reign was graciously pleased to give and grant unto him the said Robert Cholmondeley the office of Surveyor and Auditor General of all his said Late Majestys Revenues arising in America to Have and to hold the Same from and immediately after the death or other determination of the estate and Interest of Horatio Walpole Esqr afterwards Lord Walpole &c. And Whereas the said Horatio Lord Walpole departed this life on the fifth day of February 1757 whereby the said Office became vested in the said Robert Cholmondeley his heirs Executors or Administrators during the term aforesaid Now Know ye that the said Robert Cholmondeley for the more effectual execution &c Hath constituted and appointed Benjamin Heron Esqr to be his Deputy within his Majesties province of North Carolina &c To have and to hold the Office of Surveyor and Auditor unto the said Benjamin Heron so long as by him the said Robert Cholmondeley shall be thought fitt And the said Robert Cholmondeley doth hereby require from the said Benjamin Heron and the said Benjamin Heron doth by his acceptance of this present Grant agree to &c once in every six months or once in every year at least &c transmit and send over to him the said Robert Cholmondeley with duplicates thereof to the Lord High Treasurer or Lord Commissioners of the Treasury for the time being fairly written and by the said Benjamin Heron under his hand attested all such accounts of the Rents Revenues prizes Fines Escheats Seizures Forfeitures dutys & profitts aforesaid as he the said Benjamin Heron shall from time to time have inspected examined and stated and also Duplicates thereof by the next Conveyance, and shall at the same time certify and make known unto the said Robert Cholmondeley all such sum and sums of money if any such shall

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be as he hath by the ways and means aforesaid caused to be recovered and paid to the proper officers to his Majestys use In Witness whereof the said Robert Cholmondeley hath hereunto put his hand and seal this fifteenth day of March 1762 &c



Brunswick 6 August 1762 The within Depuited Benjamin Heron personally appeared before me and took the oaths and made and subscribed the declaration by Law appointed for his Qualification