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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Alexander Stewart to Daniel Burton [Extract]
Stewart, Alexander, 1725-1772
October 06, 1762
Volume 06, Pages 734-735

[From North Carolina Letter Book. S. P. G.]
Mr. Stewart to the Secretary (Extract)

No Carolina, Bath, Oct 6th 1762.

Revd Sir:

I informed the Society some time ago that Pitt was taken off from this County of Beaufort, and that my Parish was by that means reduced to about 1000. Souls, Black and White, but the natural situation of it, notwithstanding the smallness of its number of inhabitants, will ever render it the most difficult Parish in this Government, for other Parishes are either between River and River or upon the narrows of the Rivers, but this, even after the division is about 70 miles long on the So. side and 30 miles on the North side of the River Pamlico, which the missionary is obliged to Cross all weather at least once a week, and you must imagine that a River which is from 4 to 7 miles wide, must often be very difficult to pass———But

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tho my Parish is reduced in its numbers, yet I have the Pleasure, to inform the Society that it is well attached to the Church of England, the Parishioners have not only finished their Church in the best manner they are able, but have now likewise a neat glebe house (the first ever built in this Province) with other outhouses almost finished, on a Glebe of 300 Acres of good land contiguous to the Church, so that I expect to move to it, if it please God that I live to Easter next.———