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Letter from the Board of Trade of Great Britain to William Tryon
Great Britain. Board of Trade
November 29, 1765
Volume 07, Pages 131-133

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 23.]
Letter from the Board of Trade

Whitehall Novr 29th 1765.

Sir, [Governor Tryon]

It is with great pleasure & satisfaction, We congratulate you on the Commission His Majesty has been graciously pleased to give you of Governor in chief of His Province of North Carolina.

We gave all the Dispatch to that Appointment that lay in Our Power, and hope speedily to lay before His Majesty the Instructions to which your Commission refers.

The Measure you pursued upon the death of your Predecessor, of summoning the General Assembly to meet on the 2d of May, appears to have been prudent and necessary, and it is with great Satisfaction We observe, that their Proceedings have been conducted with Temper and Moderation, & with a Zeal and Attention to the Publick

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Service that cannot fail of recommending them to His Majesty's favour.

The making provision for an Orthodox Clergy, free from the improper restrictions that had accompanied the former Acts for that Purpose, lays the foundation of Happiness and Prosperity to the Colony in its most essential Interests; It will be our duty to assist, as far as depends upon us, in every step, that can be taken to answer the good Ends of this pious Institution; and we doubt not but the Society for the propagation of the Gospel will show the same Zeal, and give all the Aid in their Power.

We embraced the earliest Opportunity, after the receipt of your Letter, to take up the Consideration of it, and of the Act transmitted with it, in which We have been assisted by the Bishop of London, with whom the Act now lies for his Observations upon it, and who has likewise given us reason to hope that he will enable us to send you proper Instructions as to the manner and Form of Induction of such Clergy, as shall go over to North Carolina properly qualified to serve the Churches there.

The inclosed Copy of an additional Instruction to Governor Dobbs contains those Objections to the Act passed in 1754, for granting to His Majesty Forty Thousand Pounds in Bills of Credit, which are referred to in the Minutes of the Board of the 13th of Decembr 1763, and when we consider the nature of the Complaints of the Merchants, on which that Instruction was founded, We hope the Candour of the Assembly will admit the Justice of them, and that the Amendment of the Law, in the Particulars pointed out, will not be thought incompatible with the Interests of their constituents; and in that case, We have no doubt, but that His Majesty will approve of the Money reserved being applied to the Purposes you mention.

The Clauses inserted in the Bill for facilitating the Navigation of the Ports was expressly contrary to that Article of the Instructions to the Governor, to which you refer; and therefore We cannot but approve your Conduct in having given a Negative to it.

The Irregularity in the mode of appointing Agents in all the Colonies has been long a Subject of complaint and difficulty in the Administration of the Affairs of the Colonies in this Kingdom; and if the Assembly should in their next Session not admit a proper Number of the Council to be the Committee of Correspondence,

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which they certainly ought to be, We shall consider what step it may be proper for His Majesty to take.

We are Sir