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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Association by some inhabitants of North Carolina concerning the Stamp Act
No Author
February 18, 1766
Volume 07, Page 182

An Association signed by the Principal Gentlemen, Freeholders and Inhabitants of several Counties in this Province.

“North Carolina

“We the Subscribers, Free and Natural-born Subjects of George the Third, true and Lawfull King of Great Britain and All its Dependencies, (whom God preserve) whose Sacred Person, Crown, and Dignity, We are ready and Willing, at the Expence of Our Lives and Fortunes to defend, being fully convinced of the Oppressive and Arbitrary Tendency of a late Act of Parliament, imposing Stamp Duties on the Inhabitants of this Province, and fundamentally subversive of the Liberties and Charters of North America; truly sensible of the inestimable Blessings of a free Constitution, gloriously handed down to Us by Our Brave Fore Fathers, detesting Rebellion yet preferring Death to Slavery, Do with all Loyalty to Our most Gracious Sovereign, with All deference to the Just Laws of Our Country, and with a proper and necessary Regard to Ourselves and Posterity, hereby mutually and Solemnly plight Our Faith and Honour that We Will at any Risque whatever, and whenever called upon. Unite, and truly and Faithfully Assist each other, to the best of Our Power, in Preventing entirely the Operation of the Stamp Act.

Witness Our Hands this 18th day of February 1766