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Letter from Andrew Morton to Daniel Burton
Morton, Andrew
August 25, 1766
Volume 07, Pages 252-253

[N. C. Letter Book S. P. G.]
Letter from Mr Andrew Morton to the Secretary.

Northampton North Carolina
August 25: 1766

Reverend Doctor,

I wrote to you in June last informing you of my Journey to my new mission in Mecklenburgh County—From Newbern I pursued my Journey to Cape Fear where I received such Intelligence as discouraged me from proceeding any further—There I was well informed that the Inhabitants of Mecklenburg are entire dissenters of the most rigid kind—That they had a solemn leage and covenant teacher settled among them That they were in general greatly

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averse to the Church of England—and that they looked upon a law lately enacted in this province for the better establishment of the Church as oppressive as the Stamp Act and were determined to prevent its taking place there, by opposing the settlement of any Minister of the Church of England that might be sent amongst them—In short it was very evident that in Mecklenburg County I could be of little use to the honorable Society and I thought it but prudent to decline embroiling myself with an infatuated people to no purpose and trusting that the Venerable Society, upon a just representation of the matter would not be dissatisfied with my conduct.—

Having communicated this matter to Governor Tryon who is a sincere friend to the Church his Excellency was pleased to recommend me to the people of Northampton County in the Northern District of the Province—Here I was vastly well received by the people who wish for nothing more ardently than my settlement among them and I have agreed to stay with them till next Easter, by which time I hope the pleasure of the Society will be known in this matter.—

Bath the place of Residence of the nearest Missionary is seventy miles South East of this place—Mr Reed's parish is 110 miles South of this place, and to the West there is not one Clergyman—Indeed I know of no place in the Province where a missionary is more wanted or where one might be more usefully employed—

But this whole matter I submit to the Honorable Society begging their instructions that I may have the happiness of knowing their pleasure and of conducting myself accordingly—It was matter of real grief to me to find it impracticable to carry the honorable Society's pious designs with respect to Mecklenburg into execution.