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Letter from William Tryon to Daniel Burton
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
October 01, 1766
Volume 07, Pages 259-260

[From Tryon's Letter Book.]
Letter from Governor Tryon to the Revd Mr Daniel Burton, Secretary
to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel

Brunswick the 1st October 1766.

I have had the pleasure to receive by Mr Micklejohn, your letters of the 22d of March, and the 2d of April last; I shall pay the properest

-------------------- page 260 --------------------
attention to our Society's recommendation of the above gentleman. The twenty pounds per annum for two years allowed him is a donation no less necessary than generous. I am disappointed in not having received the letter you mention to have wrote to me the 26th of January past; if it was on business or in answer to a long letter I had the honor to send to the Society in July 1765. I wish to have a duplicate of that as well as of all other letters, I may be honored with on the subject of a more happy establishment of the clergy in this colony. This I request as the conveyance of letters to this province is very precarious.

The Revd Mr Morton waited on me last July with recommendatory letters from the Revd Mr Richard Peters, Rector of Christ Church and St Peters', Philadelphia and Mr William Smyth, Provost of the College of Philadelphia. Mr Morton informed me he had accepted the mission allowed to Mecklenburg county, as offered to him by order of the Society, but that he had not received the answer to the letters he has wrote on that subject.

I intend as a rule to myself to dispose of the ministers as they arrive into those counties where the inhabitants are most willing to receive them: Those of Mecklenburg county are almost all Presbyterians, I have therefore sent Mr Morton at his own request to Northampton county where I believe I shall establish him to the satisfaction of that parish; he produced me his letters of ordination and licence from the Bishop of London

The Revd Mr Cosgreve waited on me a few days since with your letter of recommendation from the Society. I have sent him into Pitt county but wait to hear, how he and his parishioners agree, before I establish him there: He makes fair promises and it will give me pleasure to be informed he puts them into practice: The credentials he produced before he left this province for England were not sufficient to induce me to comply with his request for a letter of recommendation to the Bishop of London; however, as he has obtained orders, he shall meet with encouragement as long as his conduct will entitle him to my countenance, I have great expectations from Mr Micklejohn; he is lately gone into Rowan county. The two churches of Wilmington and Brunswick will both be ready by Christmas for public worship. I am obliged to you, Sir, for your intelligence of the annual subscription that would be proper for me to give, for which purpose I inclose you an order on Messrs Drummond. I desire you will please to present my respects to the Society and am &c