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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from William Tryon to William Petty, Marquis of Lansdowne
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
February 23, 1767
Volume 07, Page 442

-------------------- page 442 --------------------
[From Tryon's Letter Book.]
Letter from Governor Tryon to the Earl of Shelburne

Brunswick 23d February 1767

I have the honor to transmit to your Lordship the plan and elevation of the edifice with the offices to be erected at Newbern by virtue of an Act passed by last General Assembly of this province. The expence of finishing this building in the plainest manner is estimated at ten thousand pounds sterling, I shall therefore at present order only the body of the house to be constructed and defer going upon building the offices till the General Assembly grants a further supply, which I have reason to believe is the intention of the public.

The cellars will be under the north front of the house with a seven feet pitch, three feet three inches of which will be below the surface of the ground, The apartments of one pair of stairs in the right wing of offices are intended for servants chambers, and a laundry and in the left wing for a granary and hay loft.

Your Lordship will please to do me the honor to lay before his Majesty the plan and elevation of this edifice for his royal judgment and direction.

I am with all possible respect &c.